What do you mean ‘Candida’? asks my client. A treatment at the Purple House often combines the latest scientific methods, like looking at your live blood on a computer screen, combined with a kinergetic session to boost the immune system.
Today we noticed evidence of Candida and leaky gut when my client and I studied her live blood. A primary cause of leaky gut is the insidious action of the yeast CANDIDA ALBICANS. This yeast is found is in the digestive tract. When the digestive system is in balance, with plenty of good bacteria, Candida causes few if any complications. But if the good bacteria somehow become compromised and get out of balance with bad bacteria, this yeast goes crazy. It can change into a fungal form and establish itself into the colon walls. From there it can lodge and send down roots that violate in the integrity of the intestinal mucous membranes thus creating a leaky gut. Food allergens and toxins are then more easily passed directly into the bloodstream.


Seventy nine known toxins have been isolated from yeast and some researchers believe there are more than one hundred toxins produced. The major waste product of yeast cell activity is ACETALDEHYDE. This toxin caused excessive fatigue. It also reduces strength, stamina, and clarity of thought and takes away ambition. It destroys enzymes needed for cell energy and causes the release of free radicals that encourages the aging process.

CANDIDIASIS is the medical term used to describe a yeast overgrowth in the intestinal area and other tissues of the body. It has become a large problem in our society and some say it is one of the missing links in our medical diagnostic system. Candida can rob the body of its nutrition, poison the tissues with its toxins and contribute directly or indirectly to the following list of possible serious conditions: Constipation, depression, low blood sugars, allergies, premature ageing, lethargy, endometriosis, migraines, finger and toenail fungus, numbness, mental dullness, brain fog, PMS, ADHD, asthma, adrenal fatigue, chemical sensitivities, vaginal infections, always feeling the cold, burning eyes, puffy eyes, itchy skin, acne, hormonal imbalances, joint pains, general feeling of illness, colitis, moodiness, spinal problems etc.

Unfriendly bacteria in your gut not only throw off your pH balance, but they also throw their toxic load onto the liver. The liver is the major detoxifying organ of the body and when the liver can’t keep up with its detoxifying schedule, some of the poisons will overflow into the blood which then goes back to the heart and on to the rest of the body. Then everything else becomes toxic too.

This is what Teresa Schumacher wrote in her fabulous little book: ‘Candida the slow killer’ (complete with photos of the contents of your intestines, great to read over a coffee!): We all have Candida in our body and it is not a problem till something happens to weaken the immune system. Then it takes over and can manifest itself as many different symptoms.

I have known Doctors who have performed autopsies. When they open the body they would find the white mucous coating around the problem areas. The mucous is Candida. With Candida they would find parasites. The two seem to go together. If you have Candida, you have parasites. You have to treat them together.

We are aware of many health problems that are plaguing our country today and find them linked to nutrition. We spend many hours every day working with people whose health is failing. We give them the Candida Control Diet to follow and they show remarkable improvements in a short period of time. It is our belief that 9 out of 10 people are suffering from Candida Albicans. We believe Candida to be the precursor to Cancer and AIDS.

Every day we hear about terrorist attacks, job losses and global warming but nothing poses as great a risk to you as your own internal environment. Because we never hear much about Candida we are lulled


into a false sense of security and we ignorantly encourage our silent enemy to grow and overtake more territory with every mouthful of fruit, bread, sugar, biscuit, cake, pasta or potato, ice-cream and soft drink.

How does Candida get such a foothold in our bodies? Well, we are born with it in our intestines. This is its normal rightful place. When the immune system weakens, Candida easily takes over the gastro-intestinal tract and moves into the vagina, sinuses and mouth. Then it can burrow deeper into the system and get into various organs. It can form a mass around the heart and the liver, the reproductive system and a carpet like mass can wrap around the spinal cord and into nerves and into the brain.



Candida competes with our body for nutrients like minerals, proteins and fats which will create deficiencies of iron, zinc, selenium which are vital to our immune system and adrenals. When you suffer from mid afternoon slump and have to reach for your coke zero for a boost of fake energy your thyroid and adrenals are most likely suffering from intense mineral deficiency caused by the ever hungry Candida. Feeling exhausted you chomp into a piece of cake or bread as well, because this is what you do when you have no energy. Candida absolutely loves sugar and carbs and will make you reach out for these foods, so it can grow even stronger while you get weaker.

There are many ways Candida can turn your body into compost, which is its ultimate goal. First of all it weakens you, and then it floods your body with toxins like acetaldehyde/formaldehyde, which gives you the feeling of a constant hangover. These toxins accumulate in your brain, spinal cord and muscles, causing brain fog, muscle weakness and pain, and a list of chronic medical conditions, which will then be treated by drugs (like steroids) which Candida loves and your body hates!

Candida also produces toxins which weaken the immune system causing difficult to conquer infections and chronic sore throats, runny noses and inflammatory bowel. So it is easy to see who is winning! Not you…. But I have never suffered from Candida, you might say.

The devil is in the detail, so here is a comprehensive Candida Questionnaire which will help you determine if you need to bring in George W Bush to start the war on Candida. Please feel free to print it out and share with your family and friends.

You answer each question with a yes or a no, which you add up at the end.


  1. Have you taken repeated rounds of antibiotic drugs?
  2. Have you taken cortisone?
  3. Have you ever taken birth control pills?
  4. Have you ever had jock itch or athlete’s foot?
  5. Do you have anal itch or rash?
  6. Have you ever had thrush?
  7. Do you drink coffee or coke?
  8. Have you ever had a fungal infection around or under the finger or toe nails or on the skin?
  9. Do you have silver fillings in your teeth?
  10. Have you ever had a series of X-Rays
  11. Do you have recurring ear infections?
  12. Are you troubled by PMS, abdominal pains, prostatitis, vaginitis, or a loss of libido?
  13. Do you crave sugar, sweets, breads or alcoholic drinks?
  14. Are you sensitive to smells like perfumes, tobacco, or other odours?
  15. Do you have recurrent digestive disorders?
  16. Are you bothered by memory loss, fatigue, moodiness, depression or nerve loss?
  17. Do you have psoriasis, hives or chronic skin disorders?
  18. Do you feel sick all over?
  19. Do you suffer from headaches, muscle or joint pain?
  20. Do you have dry mouth or sore throat?
  21. Do you have bad breath?
  22. Do you suffer from insomnia or drowsiness?
  23. Do you suffer from diarrhoea or constipation?
  24. Do you have bloating, burping or gas?
  25. Do you have a white mucous film on your tongue in the morning?

If you have answered Yes 3 or 4 times, Candida possibly plays a role in causing your symptoms.
If you have answered Yes 5 or 6 times, Candida probably plays a role in causing your symptoms.
If you have more than 7 Yes answers your problems are almost certainly yeast connected.

Now that you have established that Candida is something you can’t afford to ignore it is time to start with the following few steps:

  1. A kinergetic session which will neutralise the Candida poisons and free up your immune system so it can start the clean up job inside your body. During a session we can detect and clear every type of Candida! (there are more than 10 known forms of Candida)
  2. Starve the yeast by eating a Paleo or GAPS type diet which means that your diet includes lots of good fats, like butter, coconut oil, olive oil and meat fats. Coconut oil has the added benefit that it kills Candida. Aim for around 50% fats in your daily diet and no less than 3 table spoons. Eat unlimited organic vegetables (but minimise potatoes because they are too starchy) and plenty of good quality proteins, like eggs, meat and activated nuts. Cut out fruits, sugars, juices, alcoholic drinks and refined carbohydrates.
  3. Iodine drops. Iodine kills Candida as soon as it comes in contact with it. Iodine also kills cancer cells which may have developed from a Candida overgrowth. Have your 5 drops in water every morning.
  4. Boost your levels of good bacteria. The good bacteria will crowd out the bad ones and leave no room for Candida to grow and flourish. Did you know that 500 ml of fresh yoghurt has around 1.5 trillion beneficial organisms, while 500 ml of home-made kefir (which costs you next to nothing)….5 trillion living beneficial friendly bacteria! Replenish your intestines with cultured or fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented butter, kefir, or fermented drinks like Kombucha and water kefir.

When you eliminate all forms of refined carbohydrates and sugar from your diet your Candida will start to die. This can sometimes release another wave of toxins in the body, but as you strengthen your internal ecosystem with healthy bacteria from the fermented foods and supplement this little crisis will be short-lived. (We always recommend your daily quota of water and Himalayan Salt which will ease the pain of this transitional period).

This forms the foundation of your new life which will be free of inflammation, brain fog, belly aches and other pains! It is an easy and enjoyable regime. You don’t have to starve yourself or go crazy like some old fashioned Candida diet of the past, where you couldn’t walk past a bakery shop for fear of smashing the windows because the hungry Candida was hijacking your nervous system.

No, this won’t happen because while you implement your new diet you also fortify your body with the George W. Bushes of your ecosystem. This arsenal of supplements will recognise a terrorist a mile off and Candida, Cancer and other Yeast by-products won’t stand a chance.

Here are some suggestions of supplements that will set you free from Candida and Parasites: Syntol ($54), Immunosynbiotic ($42 – 75) or Probiotic Foods ($53-84) or Yeast Ex ($25.5). You simply take one or two capsules with each meal and your internal moulds will melt like snow in the sunshine. 

Boron, the cheapest Candida cure of all times ($6): 6 to 9 fingertips of Boron daily will reach and find the sneakiest hid- outs of your hard to die secret yeast communities.

Iodine ($34) zones in on yeast as well as cancer cells. It explodes primitive cells on impact and will give your fatigued adrenals real energy.

Fermented Olive leaf extract fortifies your immune system $29.95. Check out our large range of recipe books as well as books on gut health, brain and autism, nutrition and more. (All products available in our products page.) There are 100 trillion micro organisms living in our body, all working towards your highest good. There is a real sense of satisfaction that comes from creating your own healthy body through the foods you have produced by your own hands. Your own fermented foods will offer you an abundance of microbial life that is unsurpassed by any tablet or store bought product.


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