We are in shock and grief about the bushfires..

But when Pete and I did some research today, we discovered that Australians are on fire on the inside as well!

The Medical Journal reported in 2018 that Australia has the highest number of IBS (inflammatory bowel disease) in the world.

One in 250 have IBS in Australia.

Or over 75,000 Australians.

This number is expected to rise to 100,000 by 2022.

Don’t let this be you!

We created the Ultimate Vitality Boost Package because we realised that IBS and broken digestive systems are a huge issue in our clients.

We wanted to come up with a package that works for 99% of our clients.

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So why do your insides burn?

(Inflammatory stands for flames/on fire)

Because you do NOT produce enough stomach acid and your BILE DOESN’T FLOW.

That is basically the bottom line.

Stop having those anti acid tablets, they compound the problem.

Create healthy levels of stomach acid and then get your bile moving.

Beetflow is the best thing we have ever come across.

You need to take one or two capsules with every meal. It works as a dissolving agent and it unclogs your liver so your body will be able to digest all your healthy fats.

Yes, you also need to cut out many of your carbs like flours, breads, pasta, rice and potatoes as well as sugars and replace them with healthy fats like butter, coconut oil or macadamia nut oil.

Your liver will thank you for it.

Beetflow comes in the Ultimate Vitality Boost package or you can order it on its own. 

If you just want one little firetruck, get the Beetflow to help extinguish the flames.

But if you want to be in charge of the health of your body/digestion and show some leadership, be different to ScoMo; get the full monty, and start on the Ultimate Vitality Boost today.

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What can you do for IBS?

In this video I get Pete to explain how IBS affects you and what you can do about it.

Sorry about the Internet…. I suspect the fires have something to do with the poor connection?

Hopefully you can listen to our voices and get the message even though Pete and I seem to disappear in a cloud of smoke here and there.

And we got cut off towards the end, so I apologize for the abrupt ending.

Have a safe week!

Much love as always, Grada

PS Pete also explains an effective and easy liver cleanse in this video, so check it out!

PS 2: We are here to answer your health questions!