Have you always worked so hard and never got to where you want to be? Are you disappointed in yourself or in your relationships? Do you sometimes feel life isn’t worth living? The problems you encounter are just too big… perhaps you have tried other therapies and found that nothing helped and you didn’t get the lasting results you were looking for.

Be like John who chose to do a Breakthrough session at the Purple House. He initially came to us because he felt ‘uncouth’ towards his little son. Every day his good intentions of being a kind and caring father came to nought. The harder he tried, the more frustrated he became. It had become a huge problem which zapped him of energy and creativity. The more he tried to solve his behaviour logically the more stressed and unresponsive he became to his wife and children.

When we have a problem, we think on it because we want to solve it, yet that very act of thinking can for many people introduce a new stress, and obsessing about the problem actually becomes the problem. Einstein noted that ‘we can’t solve any problems in the same state of consciousness in which they were created.’

And here Einstein gave us the key! In order for us to solve our problems, sabotages and shortcomings we have to alter the state of our consciousness. How can we do this? By doing the Personal Breakthrough session. Here is what John has to say:

“I came for help because I was worried that if I didn’t have a better relationship with my father, it would affect my relationship with my son. I suspected there was a link between my father, my son and me. I was worried that old issues with my dad would manifest themselves between me and my son in the future. I was already exhibiting some of my father’s behaviours towards my son!

There is no way I would want my son to have the same feelings towards me that I had towards my dad. I love my son and daughter and found it easy to shower my daughter with affection, but somehow I couldn’t be the same to my son, no matter how hard I consciously tried.

I am a successful businessman, but it has been a long, hard road. I left home young. The reason why I left home was that my father and I had a big fight and I was about to punch his lights out. After that, I didn’t fight with him anymore. I kept things cordial on a superficial basis by suppressing my childhood memories. If I allowed myself to remember some of those memories, there would have been no way I could have tolerated him in my life. I wanted to become whole in myself, and I knew I had to let go and resolve those memories. I wanted to take the next step forward towards reaching my full potential as a human being.

The first years of my life, I was looked after by my grandparents. I thought they were my parents. Another couple of close relatives used to visit me sometimes and take me shopping. Suddenly, one day, I had to leave my grandparents and move in with these strangers, who turned out to be my real parents. They were firm believers of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child.’ Perhaps I was a naughty child. I used to be embarrassed at school for the welts down my legs where I had been hit.

I remember only one or two incidents ever where my father showed affection. That was after my mum whipped me black and blue and my dad told her to stop and only hit my buttocks and legs. He put some soothing ointment on my back after that. All I remembered from my childhood was confusion and abuse.

I eventually found my niche as a businessman. When I was at work, I went into the role of a successful caring businessman, but as soon as I went home a change would come over me. Suddenly I would feel all uncouth and uncaring. I never had much to do with my parents. Even if they popped over to visit their grandchildren I would pretend I didn’t see them. I felt incongruent and compartmentalised. Part of me knew how to behave, and yet, when I wanted to show my son in particular how much I cared for him, this uncaring side of me would surface. This didn’t go unnoticed by my wife of course and so it even trickled down into my marriage.

A few years ago, I had counselling sessions with a psychiatrist. The process was cognitive and I didn’t find it helpful. I knew the issues arose from an Unconscious level, and I didn’t have the tools to deal with them. Consciously, I was already doing everything I could. I was polite to my parents, and I kept a lid on the past. I realised that this was no way to lead my life. I only had a superficial relationship with my parents, and I wanted to move forward and be the sort of dad to my son that I never had. I wanted to love and protect him. I wanted to have a meaningful relationship with my wife. The only thing was, I didn’t know how to.

The first thing Peter and Grada did during the breakthrough session was taking a detailed personal history. They asked me some unusual questions and I just let it all pour out. All the ugly memories of my childhood, and the unhappiness I felt within myself. We then worked on some strategies that I found very helpful. After getting in touch with my Unconscious Mind I was able to let go of my negative emotions one by one using Time line therapy. To my surprise it was so easy!

When I tried to feel angry towards my dad, I couldn’t feel it anymore. We then worked on deleting some old belief systems I had of myself that had hindered me to move forward. Peter told me that all behaviours are learnt consciously and then become unconscious. However what has been learnt can be ‘unlearnt’. During the session we discovered that I had conflicting parts in me that caused great unrest. These had originated around the time when I was forced to leave my grandparents and had become more and more ingrained with each subsequence abuse. It was almost as if I had borderline personality disorder.

We spent some time identifying these parts and finding out what they were doing for me. I realised that they had caused me to behave in a way that was unacceptable to me, my wife and my children. Once we got to the bottom of it we did some hypnotherapy to allow them to go back to where they came from: my own nervous system. I finally achieved completion and was able to put my past to rest.

By the end of the session I felt like a completely different person. I even liked who I was. My relationship with my wife, children and parents has improved greatly. Nothing is holding me back anymore. I am now moving on into the next stage of my life knowing that I have the strength to overcome any problems. I know I will be a completely different father to my son. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought this possible, but now I am looking forward to having a happy future with my wife, children and my parents.”

As John showed it is never too late to change!

The trouble with modern day psychology and psychiatry is that they don’t address the Unconscious Mind. Most of our daily stresses and other factors that wear down our energy affect us unconsciously. Since they are not really known to us we find it difficult to confront and surmount them and this is the reason why John’s previous hard work to change himself hadn’t paid off. He’d almost got to the stage where he had given up on his dreams!

A breakthrough session offers you a combination of the best methods we have learnt to solve your problems and limiting decisions (about yourself) and eliminate anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. It offers you a chance to reconnect with your true potential in simple, easy to do all embracing ways. You end up with your mind and body at peace at all times so you can create for yourself and others the life that you always wanted. Whether you want to:

  • get rid of pain
  • have fabulous health,
  • eliminate abuse from the past,
  • create enriching relationships
  • lose weight
  • quit addictions
  • become a peak performer
  • double or triple your income
  • open up your creativity

It is now within your reach!

The Break through session is completed over two days: during the first session we take a complete detailed personal history which is written down. Next we check what is important to you and your Unconscious Mind about LIVING. We discover how your Unconscious Mind has stored your memories and we prepare you for the following session.

During the second part we do the interventions where we address your mental processes, your emotions and decisions, your physical body, your behaviour and your spiritual body (if necessary). We use a variety of techniques like Time line therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy and kinesiology.

Warning: session will break through everything that has held you back in the past and you will never be the same again.

This session is only for people who are serious about change! It will be like cramming a life time worth of learning and self discovery into one session. Instead of learning life’s lessons the painful way, we make it fun. Once you reconnect with the power of your Unconscious Mind you will be unstoppable. $1500 Personal Breakthrough Session (per person) or $3000 for one Complete Couples Counselling Breakthrough Session.

Skype sessions available. Phone 64283007 to register your interest.