Have you ever wondered why some yogurts in the supermarket are called Bulgarian yogurt?

I will tell you the story.

Back in the early 1900’s yogurt wasn’t really a thing.

People didn’t know about yogurt, let alone that it was fantastic for your health.

This all changed when Metchnikoff a Russian scientist entered the scene.

Metchnikoff, ‘the father of natural immunity’ spent his time observing Bulgarian mountain peasants.

These peasants often lived to be a hundred years old or more, and they were unusually relaxed and happy.

They walked long distances and often lived under harsh conditions.

Metchnikoff concluded that their high level of contentment, hardiness, and longevity, was caused by their consumption of a bacterial product.

Their secret was their fresh cow’s milk that they carried with them in leather bags, and it fermented while they traveled.

It turned to yogurt, a powerful promoter of health and natural immunity.

Even though Metchnikoff won the Nobel prize, for many decades, yogurt remained a secret, while antibiotics were hailed as the disease-fighting hero of the day.

Only fairly recently, around 2005, scientists came up with a new term: the Microbiome, which stands for your community of healthy (or not so healthy) bacteria.

Your Microbiome equals your immunity!

Scientists have since discovered that 90% of our genes are not made up of human DNA, they belong to our community of good and bad bacteria!

Bacteria don’t kill us!

They keep us alive.

We would not exist without bacteria.

If you don’t believe me, here is an incredible story:

A group of South Americans took a bunch of pregnant volunteers to the South Pole to have their babies.

The Idea was for the babies to stake a claim on any future oil reserves as ‘indigenous’ to the region.

Sadly, the babies died soon after birth.

The South Pole was so germ free (from the freezing conditions) that the babies didn’t receive any bacteria to survive.

So, beneficial bacteria are our best friends, they keep us alive, and they fight off the bad bacteria.

Unfortunately, many of the ancient strains of hardy helpful bacteria inside our ancestors’ gut have disappeared from overuse of antibiotics and other lifestyle factors.

Our ancestors had no idea, they intuitively fermented their vegetables, foods, and drinks.

They used bacteria to preserve their food and their bodies.

Think sauerkraut, sourdough breads, cheeses, wines, apple cider vinegar, olives, salami, crème fraiche, pickled gherkins, kimchi, lassi, kefir, kombucha, miso…. The list goes on.

Today, it’s not enough to simply consume these foods, you need to supplement with high quality probiotics as well.

For instance most shop bought yogurts, work predominately in your upper intestinal tract.

They might be good for abdominal bloating, but it’s not going to colonize the gut or colon with good flora, because it won’t reach that area.

Today, so many people struggle with auto immune issues because their Microbiome is destroyed.

Pete himself struggled with acute and life threatening food allergies as a baby and my immunity was destroyed from massive injuries to my body from a truck accident in 2006, which was followed by years of antibiotics.

Both, Pete and I needed urgent help beyond fermented foods.

In 2009 we found what we were looking for: Immuno-Synbiotic with a capsule that withstands the stomach acid.

This Immuno-Synbiotic range gives you a much more diverse set of bacteria that’s going deep into your intestinal tract.

It not only colonizes the small intestine, but also the large intestines, which means that you are getting the probiotic activity that you need all the way through the intestinal tract and colon which can help you out immensely.

Our ultimate comeback story is connected to the UVB, or Ultimate Vitality Boost and the Purple House Smoothie.

The Purple House Smoothie is a great start to a busy day.

It is based on Dr Johanna Budwig’ s cancer protocol.

For more information on her protocol, the recipe and ingredients and how they positively impact your vitality download our free e-book here.

The UVB has given us great immunity, with energy to spare every day.

It contains:

  • Beetflow, to support and stimulate the liver,
  • Immuno-Synbiotic to heal and seal the gut, and restore the Microbiome,
  • Omnizyme or Digestizyme are a mixture of powerful enzymes to break down every particle of food we eat,
  • And Iodine, which supports healthy cells.

To download the free UVB e-book click here

To order the Ultimate Vitality Boost to support your four pillars of health click here.

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On top of that, we both take magnesium as well.

Whenever you are consuming magnesium, it’s going to help get your system moving.

It relaxes and tones your colon and gut and makes it easier to stay regular!

So, if you want to be indestructible like the Bulgarian peasants, reach out to us for the UVB & the Smoothie.

Check out Spore Probiotics and Syntol as well.

These two products heal and seal leaky gut better than other probiotics, as they combat Candida.

Call us on 03 6428 3007.

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (9 AM to – 5 PM) and our online shop is always open.

Your orders are processed on the day of ordering.

Yours to great health,

To learn more about the water we are using in our home and at the Purple House clinic – scan the code below, click the link or send us a message ..

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