Pete and I are in Salt Lake City for a conference hosted by Young Living Essential Oils. Salt Lake City is in the heart of Utah. I didn’t know what to expect, not having done any research beforehand, and at first glance the countryside reminds me of South Australia. Salt Lake City is framed by brownish, dry mountains which gives me flash backs of the Wild West movies from my childhood. The actual city centre is not very large, and all neatly mapped out from North to South, which is good news for humans like me who were born without an inbuilt navigator.

We were told by a friendly welcoming party to drink lots of water, because unbeknownst to the unsuspecting traveller, we are now breathing in the air from a high altitude, 1300 meters in fact. I immediately feel puffed!
Fewer than 200 000 people inhabit Salt Lake City, which is the home town of the Mormons. So much history here, I wish I had time to stay on and discover more, but we are here to explore Mona, one of the Young Living farms where our Lavender is grown, harvested and distilled, as well are Juniper, Golden Rod and many other essential oils.

In our hotel room (we have been given an executive suite, which is a far cry from camping in a tent on a nature strip in front of a friend’s house with 6 kids, like we did 20 years ago) I find the book of Mormon in my bedroom drawer. It was first published in 1830 by the prophet Joseph Smith. I am fascinated but fall asleep halfway through reading the first chapter. It’s been well over 36 hours since my head last hit the pillow. The spirit is willing, but the body isn’t.
The following day we have time to explore the city. After several hours, I suddenly notice that we haven’t seen or heard a single bird, and I start to view the city with different eyes. What has happened to drive away the birds? Sparrows and pigeons love humans, and normally you would hear them twitter and chirp, while eating the scraps around your feet. All the way back to our hotel we keep an eye out for bird life, but we hear or see nothing, other than the fake bird sound coming from the pedestrian crossing to tell us it is safe to walk across the road.

Perhaps the birds have no grubs to eat? Salt Lake City is a very clean city. Perhaps that is part of the problem, that it is too sterile. I look at the lawns either side of the footpath and notice they are manicured to perfection, most likely due to ‘weed and feed’. That would kill any worms and grubs and would make it unsafe to walk on with bare feet, because the pesticides and insecticides would go straight through your skin into your blood stream creating havoc with your immune system.

Perhaps the birds are wiser than us humans and stay away. I wonder if the prophet Joseph Smith, the founder of Salt Lake City, would shudder in his grave now if he knew that most of the bird life was gone.

In the Middle Ages there were strict punishments for harming birds of prey, like falcons. I don’t know about pigeons, but to destroy a falcon’s eggs for instance meant one year’s imprisonment; to kill a wild falcon was reason enough for the criminal’s eyes to be poked out. Any form of injury to a raptor, its eggs, or its habitat was a serious crime. Birds were never so revered as in the Middle Ages but I guess those days were long gone by the time Joseph Smith came along. Life was hard for the early settlers. Still, birds were often seen as messengers from the Gods or intermediaries between heaven and earth.

When I mentioned it to other fellow oilers, nobody seemed to have noticed the absence of birds. I guess it takes two Aussies to detect the difference. One thing I loved about Australia when I first migrated some 36 years ago was the smell of Eucalyptus that hit my nostrils at 6 a.m

. in the morning when I arrived at Tullamarine and the chorus of exotic birds. I immediately felt a thrill go through my body, and I knew I had come home, which was confusing because I was homesick for Holland at the same time.

Nowadays, I love sitting on my veranda at home and tuning in to the bird life. There are grey thrushes, kookaburras, starlings, sparrows, eagles, magpies, hawks, crows, native hens, roosters at the school next door and the list goes on and on. There is never a dull moment. At night, we can hear owls and bats. Even our cats or the wild cats haven’t put a dent in the abundant bird life. Tasmania represents paradise on earth, I realise not for the first time.

The happy twitter and chirping of birds has a positive effect on our nervous system. It reduces our stress levels and promotes the growth of new neural pathways. All this happens without us having to actively listen to birdsongs. It just happens naturally. Our left and right brain relax and become more receptive to each other. Suddenly we see new possibilities. Our pineal gland then becomes activated, and our pineal gland is our connection to God, the Universe or our Higher Self. (The name Pineal gland, stems from the story of Jacob in the Old Testament. One night he had a dream in the dessert that he saw God. The next day he called that place Penual, which means: for I have seen God).

In Christianity, the pigeon is a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit, and I find it sad and eerie that right here, in the city of the Mormons, pigeons are hard to find. In the past, prophets took notice of pigeons. When they saw one, they knew that they had to be open and receptive because a message from God was imminent. Or perhaps they received a message from God because the coo-ing of these birds stimulated their pineal gland, so it was easier to prophecy.

Pigeons were also useful to the average human being. Long before telegraphs and phone lines, pigeons were the sole source of communication over long distances. Pigeons are so intelligent that they can decipher the 26 letters of the alphabet. They were last used as messengers during WW2, which resulted in many pigeons being awarded bravery honours. (I wonder what they thought of that?) Today, pigeons might still be used by the Navy to spot survivors from a capsized boat. Apparently, they are more reliable than humans, because they can see the ultra violet part of the spectrum, something we humans aren’t able to do.

Pigeons normally have huge pineal glands compared to the size of their bodies. This vital organ helped them find their way home after delivering messages. Perhaps the pigeons have disappeared because of the same reason that has caused our pineal glands to shrivel up to the size of a pea: toxins! Salt Lake City might give you the impression of being spic and span, but what is the good of that if it kills insects, worms, grubs and birds? Does that imply that today we revere hygiene over life? Hygiene is meant to keep us alive, not the other way around, where humans and other life forms are sacrificed for the sake of cleanliness. Our environment has never been so clean and sterile and humans have never battled chronic illness of epidemic proportions like we do today.

I recently studied that in the ancients, their pineal gland was the size of a ping pong ball. Imagine how easy it would have been for those people to be visionary, motivated, happy and balanced, while enjoying a good nights sleep? (One of the physical functions of the pineal gland is to release melatonin, so offering us excellent quality of sleep). Our pineal gland is also called the third eye, and apparently it looks directly ahead or up to the sky. It is impossible for the pineal gland to look down, the same as it’s not possible for our eyes to look into the back of our heads.

Today, if you are older than 12 years old, that means your pineal gland is calcified. This was a known fact when I first started to work as a therapist in 2000 so the stats might be worse today! Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide (as well as heavy metals) calcify all your hormone producing glands
So how can we restore what we have lost? Taking plenty of minerals, a pinch of boron, and daily drops of colloidal iodine help your pineal gland to plump out again.

Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide (as well as heavy metals) calcify all your hormone producing glands. If a pigeon gets confused and loses its way when there is interference from sonars or magnets, how easy must it be for us to feel overwhelmed and freaked out by conflicting information overload?

Using diffusers in your home 24/7 is another clever way for the oils to reach deeply into the recesses of the brains of all family members. The best oils to use would be Frankincense, Lavender, RC or Purification. It is hard to make a choice, because any YL oil is a great option. They don’t have to be the most expensive ones: even Cedarwood, which is called the beggars’ Sandalwood is easy on the purse and uplifting and purifying.

After two essential oil infused days at the Young Living conference we left the famous Salt Palace to step outside into the late afternoon sun. Peter excitedly pointed to the sky: here was a small flock of pigeons circling around the column of the building. Was it a coincidence? Or had the birds been attracted to the pillar by the invisible clouds of essential oils and were now having a ball? I hope their pineal glands got as much benefit from the YL oils as ours did. Either way, I was thrilled to see there is still hope for us. Mother Nature will live on regardless, it’s the human species that suffers.

What happens when the bees are all gone? Einstein predicted that humans won’t exist for longer than 4 years without the bees to propagate our food chain. Pete and I only saw 2 wasps in the beautiful sprawled out gardens of the Temple Square. A hundred years ago they would have been swarming with bees and butterflies.

It is easy to feel paralysed and doomed by the loss of insects, flora and fauna but it is better to spring into action today and waste no more time. Start swapping out toxic skin care, cleaning products and processed foods from your cupboards and pantry and restock them with bicarbs of soda, Thieves household cleaner (which is safe to drink) and nutrient dense foods.

Attend our Essential oil study nights or talk to a member of the Purple Team on how to start your essential oils journey and return to sanity.

Essential Oil Evenings reconvening on Monday 2nd October.

Free Young Living workshop 12pm-2pm Wyndarra Centre, Smithton. Sunday 1st October.
The RAINDROP technique – taught by Grada Robertson (BOOKING ESSENTIAL FOR THIS) 2.15pm – 4.30pm
Cost is $50 if using your own oils – $90 if using our oils. 

Supplement with magnesium (not calcium or Vitamin D), a pinch of boron and your molecular iodine and aim to have 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt daily to satisfy your body’s mineral requirements.

Cabot Health Magnesium Complete – 200 tabs

Boron – 100g

Himalayan Salt Fine Ground – 1kg

Molecular Iodine Colloid Drops 3% – 10ml

Learn how to balance and heal your pineal gland at the Reflexology Weekend Workshop in October: