Michelle’s story

Well over a decade ago, I started working with clients as a massage therapist and intuitive healer.

I noticed that everyone is stressed. It didn’t take me long to discover that people who are stressed and in pain are disconnected from themselves.

Disconnect can show in many areas of your life:

  • Lack of motivation, procrastination,
  • Lack of confidence,
  • Poor boundaries, being a people pleaser,
  • Chronic fatigue,
  • Excessive sadness, anxiety, depression, fear or anger,
  • Physical pain.

My own transformation was triggered thirty years ago. I went on a journey around Australia with my husband, following the coastline. We travelled, worked, explored the country. We left home with a bag and a dog and came back with a removal truck 11 years later. During this time I fell pregnant and had our two daughters.

I was constantly questioning what life was all about. Then I was introduced to a book called: ‘A Course In Miracles‘. I was like a sponge, I wanted to learn everything, so I could understand the meaning of life, what we are here for.

While we were staying in a little remote town in WA 25 years ago I found my guide. I have a very powerful heart connection with him. He told me his name is Matthew and that he is my gatekeeper, my guide and my protector. I instantly knew that we have always been together.

He has shown me many things about myself. One time he took me into the hall of learning. The class was starting. We would meet our guide. I saw my book, that I need to learn to trust. Trust in guidance, trust in my life’s journey, and that we all need guidance, here, now and always. It has been a great comfort and a source of strength that I can call on Matthew any time.

My first daughter was born five weeks early. She was 7 months old when they realised she had a hole in her heart. She just wasn’t developing like other children her age. She needed open heart surgery at 11 months.

It was incredibly harrowing to witness my little girl being poked, prodded and operated on. She had many challenges to overcome. This eventually led me to the Purple House, where Grada gave Annie several treatments. She told me that Annie had inter generation trauma in her cells (from my dad’s side) and once she cleared those stresses I noticed a deep energetic shift in her.

I have been coming to the Purple House for regular treatments ever since. What I learnt helped me to feel empowered. It has been amazing to literally improve the health of my blood cells and heal my body from the inside out. It’s been a thrill to have energy like I have never experienced before.

As I embark on the next chapter of my life as a member of the Purple House team, I am excited for new learnings to come. I find it deeply rewarding to see the changes in my clients as I show them to go within, where I help them to relax, quieten their minds and become pain free.

Life really is a ‘course in miracles’ and I can’t wait to work with you at the Purple House.


How lucky are you to have Michelle on your team!! I have been going to Michelle for years and she is wonderful!! If you would like to use me as a testimony of her work, her healing, her kindness, her helping troubled souls, then I would be very glad to be one. I know I can’t survive and thrive without regular massages from Michelle? I wish her and your business the very best, and you will see very quickly what a great asset Michelle is.

Kind Regards,

Julia Newman (not related) but would love it if we were!

Call 03 6428 3007 to book an appointment with Michelle or use the Mindbody App below.

  • Massage,
  • Reflexology,
  • Kinergetics,
  • Bowen Therapy,
  • Cranio-Sacral therapy,
  • Yoga Instructor,
  • Live & Dried Blood Analysis,
  • Intuitive Healing

Michelle has provider numbers for private health rebates.


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