Tina’s story

Twenty years ago, if somebody had told me I would have a rewarding career as a massage therapist and a wellness coach, I would never have believed it.

When I first came to the Purple House as a client, I suffered with constant bladder infections. Doctors kept giving me antibiotics, which would settle the symptoms for a while, only to return with a vengeance after two weeks.

It was horrendous at times and affected my ability to be able to go to work. My employer recommended that I visit his sister (Grada). Grada explained to me that my diet was causing problems. I modified my diet and I could feel the benefits within 2 days. After that I just kept on getting better. No more bladder infections or yeast infections. Happy days!

After my children moved out, I decided it was time for a change (I had worked in the horticultural industry for 25 years) to follow my passion to help and care for people in my community. I have always had a deep curiosity for Nature as well as the human body; how it works, feels, heals and moves.

This was the start of what I see as my life long journey into the study of complementary therapies. I completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage, studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology, hot stone therapy, emotional stress release techniques and live and dried blood microscopy.

Today if I need more answers, I look at a drop of live blood under the microscope with my clients, to check for nutritional imbalances.

It is fascinating to see how the red and white blood cells behave on a day to  day basis and how diet, and a few lifestyle  changes, can turn my client’s health around very quickly which proves they don’t always need to go the long route to get some help.

While I feel blessed with my family, clients and career, life gets very busy. Just  like everyone else, I too need to find the time to be.

Time to embrace my own still point within.I love to meditate, read, be out in  nature and I practice some powerful energy practices I learnt during Grada’s  Surge to Success workshops to keep my energies humming.

I encourage my clients to do the same. I know what stress feels like. I went  through a very dark period in my life, where  my son was addicted to drugs.  I felt very powerless at times, yet I knew that I would never stop being there for  him.

Thankfully after many years, he turned his life around and I am very proud of everything he has achieved.

Today, I really understand what it is like for others to go through intense heartbreak and I love to support them in their journey.

PS: Tina has a soft spot for children, the elderly and people with disabilities.  She connects on a very deep level and is known  for her ‘healing hands’.

Call the Purple House today and talk to our friendly receptionist on 64283007 to book in with Tina or book your session here: bit.ly/tinazender

“I suffered with chronic lower back issues and after several sessions with Tina, I am now pain free and I have greater flexibility. We have worked out a care plan that guarantees I keep on feeling better every week. I can’t recommend Tina enough!”

Why do you need a massage?

There are times in life where we are not as resourceful as we would like to be. Our heart, mind and body need help. Most of us have an area in our physical body that always plays up when we are tired, run down or emotionally stressed. Some people always get sore throats, others become allergic, and yet others feel it in their back or hips. Have you ever become unwell during a stressful experience?

When I massage my clients, it works in two ways. First, the body calms down, blocked energies start to flow, blood circulation is restored and the nervous system gets a signal that it is now safe to relax and let go.

The nervous system then ‘resets’ or ‘reboots’ the internal computer and as blood is redirected to our frontal lobes (our thinking brain) we start to think rationally again.

We have snapped out of ‘fight and flight’ or overwhelm and suddenly we feel lighter, happier and relaxed, which improves our ability to cope with our workload. When was the last time you felt you were a nice person?

Massages aren’t just for aches and pains, they also soothe the soul!

Frequent and regular massage treatments will enable you to not only manage your stress better, your energies will flow along with greater ease, possibly adding years to your life. There is no better way to ‘come home’ into your body than by having a massage treatment!

Tina’s Massages are claimable on Private Health Funds.


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