Did you know that prostate issues are destroying the lives of many men today?

Prostate issues often start off with a few small and innocent symptoms, e.g. difficulty starting to pass urine; OR your stream of urine fizzling out halfway…

Sometimes this is followed by having to pass urine more frequently, which is especially annoying at night….

Waking you up because you feel the need to pee, but your bladder won’t empty completely, so you find no sense of relief from the pressure…

In some cases, prostate problems lead to incontinence, and this is hitting more men at a younger age.

And, then there is the dreaded C word.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, and it is estimated that one in six males will be diagnosed by the time they are 85.

Don’t take your health and all the perks that come with it for granted.

And don’t believe that prostate disorders are normal!

Now, let me explain some of the root causes of inflamed prostates.

Keep reading till the end, because I want to offer you natural solutions that will stimulate your body to heal from the inside out. 

And it doesn’t require a prescription…

Which means it doesn’t come with side effects like most mainstream pharmaceutical solutions…

My ultimate goal in sharing this is for you to be able to stop taking those alpha blockers, five alpha reductase inhibitors and PDE-5 inhibitors that cause dizziness, headaches, and impotence, and stop wasting your time, money, and sanity on things that don’t work or end up creating even more uncomfortable urinary and sexual issues.

Imagine reclaiming those simple joys you once took for granted, sleeping through the night, playing with your kids or grandkids without worrying about incontinence and restoring your love life … it’s all within your reach.

Why does the prostate become inflamed? 

The answer is pretty clear cut:

The prostate becomes inflamed as a defensive response to potentially harmful substances it encounters.

What could those be?

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University performed a comprehensive review of the medical literature and came to the following conclusion:

“We’ve found evidence linking presence of heavy metals in our water supply to increase urinary tract and prostate health issues in general male population.”

Our water directly triggers prostate Inflammation.

In a separate study, researchers from the University of British Columbia found, “a complex interaction between tap water and the prostate.”

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found the same thing

“In America, tap water is contaminated with toxic heavy metals, like lead, arsenic, and mercury.”

These microscopic heavy metal particles contaminate the urinary system, turning your pee into a toxic stream, irritating and damaging the inner walls of your bladder, causing swelling and inflammation that ultimately leads to severe prostate conditions like BPH and even cancer.

And with over 50% of Americans facing contaminated tap water due to an aging water pipe infrastructure, costing an estimated $625 billion to repair, the next two generations of men are staring down the “rusty barrel” of prostate disease, with no real solution in sight.

And it’s not just about those 50% … Over time, things will only get worse.

The infrastructure will continue aging, and prostate health issues will skyrocket.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Royal Family is forbidden to drink tap water? It’s allegedly against Royal Protocol, but perhaps they have inside knowledge of how municipal water hurts their reproductive system.

Bottom line: heavy metals not only cause system-wide inflammation but also make their way to your prostate and “burn” it from the inside out like acid does to metal.

Is there a way to flush out heavy metal from your body?

Yes, there is!

But first, try this 20 second toilet test right now, to see if you have early tell-tale signs of potential prostate problems.

(Being young is no protection either. Around the world, there’s been an increase in early onset prostate cancer in men between 15 and 40 years old)

Is your urine:

This could mean that your urine is contaminated with heavy metal toxicity.

An incredible study by a team of Japanese researchers found that the presence of specific types of gut bacteria was directly linked to a 43% reduction in heavy metals in the body.

In fact, in Japan, only 12% of men are affected by BPH in old age, while in America, the figure dramatically escalates to a whopping 80%—which is 4 out of every 5 men!

And to make matters worse, the heavy metals in the water also mess with your manhood – it lowers testosterone levels in men.

A study published in the “Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism,” shows that acute inflammation reduces testosterone production by up to 30% in six hours.

Think about that … One bout of inflammation can hammer your testosterone.

Now imagine what long-term chronic inflammation does!

It can wipe out your testosterone levels.

So, a boost in gut health and gut bacteria is THE KEY to flushing out harmful heavy metals from your body and reversing prostate inflammation along with every painful and embarrassing symptom that comes with it.

And, here’s how beneficial gut bacteria do it.

They have a unique trick up their sleeve.

They block harmful particles from being absorbed through the intestine walls into the bloodstream by sticking to them like flies to flypaper.

Instead of entering the bloodstream and ultimately the urinary tract, these good bacteria keep the harmful particles inside the intestines, so you just poop them out when the time comes.

If we permanently boost our gut bacteria, it could be the key to treating your prostate problems.

Without it, you’re left vulnerable to enemy attack: more pain, unwanted drips, inconvenient urgency, and those awkward bathroom problems  guys don’t like to chat about.

We suggest that you supplement with Immuno-Synbiotic, which is packed with over 10 billion good critters, sending reinforcements to the frontline of your body’s first line of defense.

Also, make it a habit to eat a tablespoon size portion daily of Love your Guts sauerkraut or Kimchi, which is a naturally fermented vegetable grown from locally grown organic vegetables.

It contains billions of good bacteria AND is packed with enzymes.

So here is a roadmap back to great health.

Starting point. Physical illness is an unnatural state of living. All your body’s natural instincts are geared towards health and 98% of your atoms are completely replaced every year, which gives you the perfect opportunity to create a healthier version of you year after year.

Obstacle point. Body-hostile choices of air, water and food coupled with an inactive lifestyle.

Conclusion: To enjoy optimum physical health, you must deliberately work for it.

Make it a priority to consume healthy oils and proteins, and limit carbohydrate intake to the amount you burn in activity.

Get plenty of fresh air and healthy water.

This water is successfully used in Japan in cancer clinics, and it boosts your immune system by providing it with tons of anti-oxidants, as well as all-important Hydrogen molecules.

The technology behind this medical grade ‘living water’ comes with a 50-year track record of excellence in health benefits.

Your body is made from oxygen, water and food.

Anything that turns whole into processed, fresh into stale, raw into water- or oil-cooked, fried, and organic into pesticide-sprayed works against physical health.

Foods transported in from far away, picked unripe, out of season, or contaminated by unnatural industrial chemicals, and unfriendly viruses or microbes undermine your recovery to perfect health.

Bad habits make you sick.

Improved habits make you healthier.

When you’re sick, and you raise the standard of the air that you breathe, the water you drink, the foods you eat, the support you give to digestion, the physical activities you engage in, the time you take to rest, recover and sleep, and the avoidance of toxins and detoxification routines you engage in, you rebuild 98% of your body to a higher standard within one year. 

My promise is that when you give your body the support it needs, you will feel better, and you’ll have more energy.

You’ll also recover and heal quicker.

In time, you will also think clearer, perform better physically and mentally and feel much happier.

You will have less pain, swelling, inflammation and your prostate will thank you for it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Do you know anyone who wants more inflammation and struggle?

I don’t, either.

Everybody wants less pain.

We all want more joy and more energy, less inflammation.

We all prefer better health and more confidence in our bodies healing abilities.

So, here is our proven pathway to keep your prostate healthy, along with the rest of your body!

  1. Enagic K8 Medical Grade Hydrogen Enriched Water
  2. Immuno-Synbiotic is a strong mix of probiotics, with a whopping 10 billion good bacteria.
  3. Iodine is a potent sterilizer, cleansing away and flushing out the accumulated gunk around your prostate, dissolving it effectively.
  4. Beetflow contains Nitric oxide and taurine. Both of these dilate little tubes in the body,  which helps easy blood flow through the capillaries in the body, so reducing swelling and inflammation
  5. And to get you over the finish line, supplement with an enzyme mix that contains Serrapeptase, a powerful scar tissue dissolver.

These three enzyme supplements contain Serrapeptase:

  • Vascuzyme, which is our premium enzyme for restoring healthy circulation of your heart, arteries and capillaries. It is pricy, coming in at $106.90 but not as costly as losing your healthy prostate and many of our male clients swear by it.
  • Infla-Norm ($43.85) which reduces general inflammation
  • Syntol ($60)which fights also fights Candida.

Note: you don’t need all 3!

These 3 enzymes all contain good doses of Serrapeptase which dissolves scar tissue and plaque, so it is up to you to choose one of the above.

These 5 pillars of health support your bodies comeback with powerful antimicrobial properties to help to eliminate harmful mineral build-up, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, creating a cleaner environment for your prostate to get back on track.

  1. Healthy living medical grade water
  2. Immuno-Synbiotic
  3. Iodine
  4. Beetflow
  5. An enzyme mix containing Serrapeptase

The goal of combining Beetflow, Iodine, Immuno-Synbiotic and either Vascuzyme, Infla-Norm or Syntol is to purge the toxic chaos causing contaminants already inside your prostate, and to pump in vitamins, minerals and immune boosters to get your prostate strong and healthy again.

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