Sniffle times are upon us, especially for our kids.

Imagine your life has finally gone ‘back to normal’ and you are on your way to work when you get a call from school….

”Can you come and pick up your child please he/she has a sniffle”

Has the world has gone crazy?

.. Since when is a sniffle reason enough to keep your kids home?

In the past you would have been slapped with truancy…

When I think back to my school days, if only I had been so lucky!

I wish the old corona could have poked its old head up then….

But come to think of it he did, its has been around since the world began.

The common cold….

How many times did we have to trudge down to the bus stop and wait for the school bus in the freezing cold wiping the drips from our noses before Jack Frost froze it?

I remember the old-fashioned potions Mum used to dish out to us…cod liver oil by the spoonful, Laine’s emotion, wormwood tea freshly brewed from the bush outside the kitchen window.

Then the Rawleigh’s man came along with lots of cold n flu elixirs to help us recover when we were just too sick to get out of bed!

I really feel for parents today.

There is so much pressure to comply and more conflicting information than ever before.

I have come up with a plan to help you build up your child’s immune system from the inside out.

This will work much better than splashing anti-microbial hand wash a million times per day.

How can you do this?

Begin by building up the good little critters in your children’s intestines and you will enhance their immune system a hundredfold.

Fermented foods are key!

Our kids called sauerkraut “silage” when they grew up…

Silage is fermented grass and the cows love it, and it is so much better than hay.

You can buy amazing locally crafted sauerkraut and water kefir by Love your Guts from IGA, Hill street, and many other outlets.

These products are organic and teeming with life-giving beneficial bacteria.

We have Fermented Olive Leaf Extract ($32.95) which is excellent for keeping your respiratory system healthy.

Probiotic Food Powders especially for kids, and they love it. ($64.95, which will last all winter)

Vital All-in-One Green Powders ($80.00) are also full of probiotics and act as a body tonic.

A scoop full is a complete meal mixed in either water or a smoothie.

When we went to primary school in Tassie all the kids had to have a drink of milk.

The reasoning behind it was they had put extra iodine in the milk so kids our generation were getting iodine, a trace mineral to help the thyroid function properly.

It not only helps the thyroid, but it is also essential for good brain function and development in children.

Now is a great time to stock up on Mighty Mins, as many of you already have. (from $54.45)

Then there is Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C and we also stock some of the tissue salts.

We recently discovered Spore Probiotics.

What sets these apart is that they survive going through the stomach and small intestine, with all their spore-biotics intact.

These are great for healing and sealing the gut, making you more resilient in stressful times. ($56 for a months supply)

They can be taken while you are on antibiotics! (Unlike other probiotics, which are often eradicated by antibiotics)

Check out this video recap for more tips on how to stay healthy.

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Stay Warm !!