“It’s lucky that babies don’t feel anything!” the shop assistant says to the cashier.

YES, THEY DO!” I protest loudly. The cry escaped my mouth before I had time to think.

Suddenly curious eyes from fellow customers are on me and I feel myself go red.

The cashier and I had been multitasking. While she put my purchases through the computer I rummaged through my bag for my wallet, we exchanged stories about kids, quirky behaviours and food allergies, which led the conversation to the birth of my teller’s youngest child. It had been difficult and traumatic, that was for sure, because I was picking up shockwaves from her energy field as her memories came flooding back. I was just about to suggest she should come to the Purple House for a de-fragging session when another young female shop assistant flippantly claimed that babies don’t feel anything, so the birth wouldn’t have done him any harm, implying that the child’s issues had nothing at all to do with his traumatic entry into the world.

I take a deep breath in and release the air from my lungs slowly. It’s not going to help my reputation if I lose my temper every time I come across a person with opposite views to mine.

I feel a mixture of exasperation, annoyance and frustration. I know there are many people who believe that you can poke, prod and ignore babies, because ‘they don’t feel anything’. What’s happened to us as a community? Doesn’t it take a village to raise a child? Where is our innate parenting instinct gone?

I believe babies are more knowing and less confused than we are, because they are ‘fresh from the Source’ and their connection to the Universe is more direct and less distorted than ours.

Just because they can’t verbalise their feelings and impressions, doesn’t mean that they are nothing more than mute unfeeling blobs of flesh, incapable of putting two and two together!

That same goes for animals and pets. They can’t talk to us, so we assume they are ‘lower life forms’. But when was the last time that you saw an animal in its natural habitat being confused about its purpose in life? Yet, it’s rare to see a person who is totally fulfilled and on track as far as their soul’s purpose is concerned.

Scientists now know that even plants and trees know much more about the Universe than we do. The immune system of a plant is 26 times smarter than ours for instance.

Nobody knows for sure how much newborns can detect. Our twin grandsons used to stare intently at the same spot on the wall for ages when they were babies. We wished we could see what they were seeing.

Babies are in a state of pure consciousness, which means that they are fully awake to their body and all their senses are wide open. Whereas we are mostly aware of our conscious mind, and pretty much asleep when it comes to our subconscious/body. When you cuddle a baby, you feel yourself go very still. You become more present and loving, and that is because their energy is so potent that it cracks open the casing around our heart, and for a moment we are in touch with our true self, which is a rare gift. We feel their vulnerability, but actually what we sense is our own vulnerability.

Nobody likes feeling vulnerable, so we avoid it at all cost. Seeing somebody in pain makes us feel vulnerable too. When I had a serious MVA, and was stuck in bed hooked up to drips, monitors and lifesaving equipment, nobody volunteered to find out what it really felt like to be me. Friends and family used to say: ‘give it time, and you won’t remember any of this’.

I know they meant well. It helped my visitors to cope with their own worries and fears. I even aided and abetted by playing everything down. But the reality was, I wasn’t in the future yet. I was being tortured in the present moment. By pretending I wasn’t, we stopped connecting on a deep and meaningful level, and I started to feel very small and lonely, just like my fellow patients on the trauma ward.

And just like babies must feel if we want them to hurry and grow up. If we are too rushed to be present for them. Babies have no notion of future yet, they live in the NOW. They are fully conscious to what is happening, while we are caught up in our daily routines and busy schedules, thinking we are the ones who know everything!

I am fortunate that I have been surrounded by babies and children all my life. First with my own brood and before I had time for a breather, along came a string of adorable grandchildren. As if that’s not enough, I have had the privilege to treat hundreds of babies and children over the last 2 decades and they have taught me a lot about life!

Earlier on during the day of my shopping spree, one of my clients had brought her little 6-week-old son for his first visit. Smart mummy! There was nothing wrong with her son, in fact he was a picture of health and contentment. The birth had gone well too but this wise mum knew what she was doing. She had experienced the benefits of a healing session herself. In fact, she had gone into labour not long after her treatment and delivered a healthy boy.

I take her little son in my arms and for the next 30 minutes or so while I am chatting I am tuning in to his energy field. I love the newborn’s serenity which he generously shares with me, even though I am a total stranger.

My mind switches to healing mode. He has never had a cold, but I suddenly become aware of an energy block in his respiratory system.

An energetic stress pattern in the lungs can mean something as harmless as an oncoming cold, or as detrimental as not wanting to be alive, which can show up as suicidal tendencies later in life. (This makes sense when you think about it, because we need to breathe to live.)

I quickly checked if this baby really wants to be 100% alive and the answer from his subconscious is inconclusive.

I have treated babies who should have died a hundred times over, because they had everything stacked against them right from conception, and yet they survived because their will to be alive was 100% strong.

On the other hand, I have treated children and adults who have only experienced love and support, and yet their will to be alive is only 50/50 or less. If this is not corrected early on, we become susceptible to illness and disease and if it goes on long-term, it affects our ability to feel happy and contented. It’s as if our satisfaction with life is permanently turned down.

A subconscious stress like this normally goes below the radar, but not in my room. This is when all my Sherlock Holmes instincts surface. I won’t rest till I have traced this cell memory all the way back to the root cause (the grandfather’s infancy in this case) and removed this virus from the newborn’s computer.

I clear some other innocent energy blocks around his neck from the birth as well as a steady stream of small traumas and by the time I hand him back his energy field feels squeaky clean (At least for the time being. We are all works in progress and in need of regular course corrections).


Watch the video below for a glimpse into an infant healing session!

A healing session benefits all babies. Coming into this world is a bit like having a tornado sweep through your house. Imagine starting your life living in a house (body) where all the furniture (body systems) is blown topsy turvy from the hurricane experience of the Birth (massive upheaval)?

It can take time and energy before balance is restored. That is one of the reasons babies are unsettled or cry for ‘no good reason’. They simply need a tune up from an experienced healer/therapist (like Sarah Anne, Melanie, Tarley, Tania or me) to iron out the invisible wrinkles in their energy systems.

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I am relieved that this child is off to a good start. For many children, a perfect state of health and wellbeing is never achieved. Their bodies remain in PTSD from vaccines, chlorinated water, micro-waved foods from depleted soils, stressful vibes from parents or siblings and outside pressures on top of their inherited stresses.

Everything I know today I had to learn from scratch. When my children were young I wasn’t able to feel their energy blockages let alone know how to correct them. I wished that I could but there was no one around to teach me.

Once upon a time, I took the entire family to an iridologist and she did a report on all my children. Much to my dismay every one of our 6 children displayed huge stress rings in their irises. This was a sure sign of chronic stress, according to the iridologist. Between her and me we couldn’t work it out. I thought I had a good diet (but now I realise we had way too many carbohydrates), I always tried to keep our stress levels at minimum by having a simple lifestyle and a fairly strict routine of meal and bedtime. We grew a lot of our own vegetables, had our own meat and plenty of outdoor activities as well as a lot of fun times.

Yet one of our children had ongoing problems with eczema and psoriasis, another one was born with a cold, another one nearly died from a form of meningitis as a baby, and one of my daughters nearly killed herself by running across the road just when a big four-wheeler came along.

Today I know we are born pre-programmed with certain attitudes and pre-dispositions as well as computer viruses, and that our ancestors traumas are stuck in our cell memories. My children’s stress rings weren’t just from sibling rivalry like I thought 2 decades ago.

But something good has emerged from the ‘ashes of my children’s childhood’ because it caused me to ask many questions, which in turn led me all over the world to look for real answers. Now my mission is to provide my community with knowledge, insights and skills to create healthy and happy families and loving connections, which contributes to building an intelligent village, so our children have a chance to experience life, feeling fully supported, open and conscious of their full potential.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think babies know anything?

If you realise they are 100% aware and awake, would that change the way you act and feel towards children?

Do you think animals are more intelligent than we are? My cats certainly think they are!

If you think animals and plants have a love language and are trying to communicate with us, would that change the way you look at your garden, pets and life in general?

If your subconscious remembers everything you have ever done, said, thought, eaten, felt and experienced, would you look at yourself in a new way?

If your subconscious can get all the solutions to your problems, would you start asking it questions?

If you are sitting with a loved one in pain or on their deathbed, are you willing to be vulnerable? If these were your last few moments on earth, would you communicate differently?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!

grada robertson from purple house in forthMuch love, Grada

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