• Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur who feels the call to level up, but have a glitch in your money flow?
  • Are you sick of seeing others, less talented or less in integrity making more money and impact than you are?
  • Are you feeling uneasy, knowing that you are under-earning and being undervalued and not speaking up?
  • Are you fed up with overwhelm and stress, because you are pulled in too many directions?
  • Do you procrastinate during the day and then stress at night, worrying about deadlines and time constraints?
  • Are you fed up with empty promises, and you want real tools and techniques to get exceptional results?
  • Are you sick and tired of selling yourself out to peer pressure or outside demands?
  • And finally, do you want to get out of pain? (financial, physical or emotional pain)

THEN, it is time to re-write your money story so you can start living your BEST life!

I have worked with 10,000’s of women who were in pain.

Money pain, relationship pain, body pain, mental pain, emotional and spiritual pain, I have seen it all.

You probably know what I am talking about…. 

But, I am here to tell you that MONEY AND SUCCESS come from a different place than pain and ONCE I SHOWED MY CLIENTS MY TRADE SECRETS, MONEY SUDDENLY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. 

This powerful online program the ‘Feminine Principles of Making Money’ is designed to get you out of (money) pain and into a place of money, health and wealth.

My name is Grada Robertson and this is my personal invite for you to join this program.

I work with conscious female entrepreneurs who feel the call to level up, but are stuck in a holding pattern of money or relationship pain because they are missing vital pieces of information.

They go about it backward and it causes stress and friction.

In this program I am going to teach you the Feminine Principals of making money so you can be abundant in all areas of your life while feeling radiant and magnetic.

My Feminine Principals of making money program teaches women to become the Queen of their money game, so they can TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE THRONE!

I created this ‘new money’ program to purposely shift you out of old masculine behaviours of making money, and into a new, feminine way of feeling (and looking) amazing! 

During these 16 weeks together I laser coach you so you can release your primary money blocks very quickly.

You will be given a range of customized tools and practices that will lead you into a spiritually fulfilled life, where your money keeps looking after you, instead of you being controlled by your money. 

I would love for you to be in my brand new private, exclusively female wealth mastery program! 

Being part of a group of like-minded women will really help you to dive right into your heart and soul while feeling fully supported.

The new money game starts here!

If there are things you want to change, join me now, by clicking on the link below:

If you prefer to work with me privately, on a one-on-one basis, please click on this option.