Have you ever heard the phone ring and before you pick it up, you know who it is?

Or you think of somebody and then you bump into that person that week?

That’s called intuition.

Intuition is always speaking, in you, me and everyone.

It’s the small voice, the hunch, the gut feeling, the last-minute change of mind that sometimes saves your life.

Psychic ability is the same.

The only difference is that your intuitive skills have been honed.

They’ve been paid attention to and developed into psychic abilities.

This often means that you can ask the Universe questions and it will answer you in return, for the highest good of you and others.

Anyone can work to develop their psychic abilities and actively refine their use of intuition.

Some people might find it easier than others, but the bottom line is that all humans came into the world with highly developed intuitive abilities…

If you find that you have lost yours somewhere along the way, don’t worry, you can retrieve it easily enough.

Intuition or psychic ability is accessed through specific senses.

Clairaudience means that you hear messages.

Clairvoyance is seeing things, like auras, other beings, or scenes from the past or future.

Clairsentience is feeling into another layer of reality through your own body or hands.

Claircognizance is a direct knowing.

Psychic ability can also develop over time through various forms of spiritual practice, or it may come after a big life change or trauma.

When you find you are “suddenly” psychic, you are finally noticing your intuition, that’s all. Your sixth sense has usually been there all along.

In my case, I had plenty of intuitive moments before I started to work as a healer in 2000.

I was quite used to receiving weird or ‘irrelevant’ messages, usually to do with the kids. I always knew when they were ‘in trouble’ or going to be in trouble, and later when they had fallen pregnant almost from the minute of conception.

It was never my intention to be nosy like that. I just dropped into it and now it comes in handy as a healer because with my clients the information can flow fast and easy like a superhighway.

Having easier access to your intuition is one of the greatest gifts in life.

It really enriches our experience as a human being and adds to our relationships.

It’s definitely nothing to be scared or suspicious of.

Let me give you my explanation of how it works.

I believe we are all connected. We are all one.

We are all facets of One Consciousness, One Source, One Infinite Intelligence.

I am not just talking about us humans, or animals, or plants even.

This consciousness we are part of goes beyond our planet and includes our deceased loved ones too, as well as our guardian angels and spiritual guides and ancient masters.

The sum of this can be seen as God (short for Good), or Infinite Intelligence.

Many of us get messages, spiritual hits or psychic hunches.

It will keep coming at us and for us.

These psychic hunches are meant to make us sit up, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

For instance, the last few days I have been hearing my mum.

There has been an owl in my garden, hooting softly. I remember this sound so well from when she died; at that moment an owl was hooting outside the hospital room.

I hadn’t heard any owl sounds in my garden for years so I knew it was my mum reaching out to me and my young niece from Belgium who had been staying here for a few days.

Her name is Johanna, the same as my mum’s, and she is going through a difficult time in her life with anorexia.

I felt that my mum is letting me know that she is watching over Johanna and that she loves her very much.

When people have died from cancer, they often try to reach out to us through birds, because birds are symbolic of freedom.

They want to let us know that they are free from pain now and in a place of utter peace and tranquillity.

We need to stop worrying about them and start believing that they are really close to us now, so we are ready to receive their guidance and love.

This brings me to the next part: how can you hone your psychic skills?

If you are sitting on the fence, here is what you can do to be more open to these kinds of things:

Still your mind.

Do whatever it takes to get your mind in the back seat or in the boot. Sit near the beach, or go for a drive, or lie on your bed with the curtains open and the door shut, meditate. Become mindless. With the mind out of the way, messages from the other side can enter our awareness. (Normally our analytical mind filters everything out because it is focused on the material things, not on unseen things).

Be light-hearted.

It is possible to be light-hearted even at the point of death, that is my own experience. We always have a choice.

• Do repetitive actions.

Riding a bike, doing the dishes, knitting or woodcutting. When our mind is on autopilot, our other senses can become extrasensory…

• Avoid stress and drama and toxic relationships

Or anything that bogs you down. When you are bogged down, it is very hard to receive messages from the other side. Your energy is too dense.

• Make a dedicate space.

In my experience what really helps me is to have a dedicated space, like always the same spot on the couch which is my place of receptivity and of course my healing room. The energy there is so charged with healing energy that is almost levitates me.

• Get out of high-density cities and into the country or into nature.

It is a lot easier to receive clear psychic messages when you are supported by Mother Nature. Pete and I and the kids lived in the back of beyond for 10 years. No neighbours, no planes flying over, just pure, uninterrupted nature. I am sure that helped me to become very reliant on my intuition and psychic powers.

• Use essential oils to lift your frequencies.

• Clear your mind.

Open your heart, calm your breathing and give yourself permission to become very still and quiet.

• Remember who you are,

that you are loved and are connected to all that is, now and always.

• Be ready to receive messages of love and guidance, to uplift you.

You haven’t been forgotten. No one has forsaken you. You are loved and have the power to move forward with your life with the help of the invisible world.

Finally, remember to come in for a regular tune-up session at our facilities in Forth.

You don’t need to wait till there is something wrong with you!

It is much better to grow and evolve from regular consultations and healing sessions than from trauma or taking a hit.

When you are in the energy field of a highly experienced healer, your body will automatically be entrained to that frequency and your own psychic powers will awaken easier.

Many of my clients have experienced an increase in psychic phenomena after their treatments.

They find it easier to connect with their loved ones, whether they are alive or transitioned, they enjoy more peace and are less stressed.

It’s as if the sun has started to shine for them again.

This is what I want for you too!

Call Leica on 64283007

Much love as always, Grada

PS. I am so looking forward to hearing or reading your experiences! Please share.

grada in garden