Do you sometimes feel that you should be ‘over there’ rather than “here”?

That you made the wrong decision somewhere along the line?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one!

Decision-making is fraught with danger!

If you are anything like me, you listen to ‘the experts’ first and are guided by other people’s opinions, before you listen to your own heart.

And I am very much a heart-centered person!

Yet, I still let outside influence get the better of me sometimes.

Do you ever think… “uh oh… I am lost at sea, what should I do?

I should have trusted my feelings back there, when it didn’t feel right, instead of listening to such and such!”

In today’s world, we are taught to not go by our feelings!

We are encouraged to trust our logical minds and make a calculated decision!

Actually, this is inverted wisdom.

I am here to tell you that when it comes to decisions, you need to turn down the analyzer and make a decision based on your heart instead.

Your heart doesn’t care about the individual steps that lead to a decision, it looks at the end result.

It knows that you either get more energy, more life force from this decision (you feel it as a good vibe)
OR a feeling that it is right, or the heart will give you a feeling of bad vibes, less energy, a feeling that something isn’t right.

Because your heart is amazing!

Your heart has the innate capacity to read energy and higher energy is more life, more abundance, more love, more fulfilment.

So, in decision making, always do a quick left-brain analysis, but before you make a final decision, check in with your heart.

Feel into the feelings.

Good feelings mean the traffic light is on green.

Go towards that direction.

The Universe will have your back.

But if you feel doubtful, feel weaker, or it just doesn’t feel right, your heart is telling you right off the bat that you should go in another direction.

The traffic light is red.

So if you want a shortcut to a better life, learn to trust your heart, (rather than popular opinion).

And don’t worry if you are lost at sea or stuck in the suburbs.

You just need to STOP and take time to regain your bearings.

Your heart is very forgiving.

Enlist the help of your heart this time, and you will be surprised how quickly you are back on track.

Tune in to the video to hear how Pete and I botched up BIG time and how important it is to keep making decisions.

Decisions can make or break us, as you will find out.

And for those of us who love miracles (count me in!)…..did you know that every miracle requires a decision first?

I will explain this in the video.

Recently I made the decision to practice doing The Work, by Byron Katie.

Whenever you feel stressed, check your negative thoughts and ask yourself:

  1. Is this true?
  2. How do I know it’s true?
  3. What would I feel like without this thought?
  4. What if the opposite is true or even more true?

You can read all about Byron Katie online!

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