Are you like my washing machine, laptop, dishwasher, car and Peter’s car and lawnmower?

Strange question huh? But I bet you have more in common with my appliances than you think.

Hopefully you are only like my washing machine…. It got stuck during the spin cycle. Whenever it gained momentum, the barrel started to wobble out of control, causing the alarm to go off. All I had to do was open the lid and re-balance the load.

After several reshuffles, I decided to remove one of the heavy wet towels and plunked it in the sink. Still didn’t work.

Finally I have a light bulb moment and turn the machine off at the power point. That’s what I used to do in the good old nappy-sheet-muddy-farm-clothes-nursing-uniform filled days. My poor old washing machine never got a break. Instead of intermittent fasting, we had intermittent moments of not hearing the whirr of the washing machine in the background.

Back in my laundry at home, the machine keeps beeping urgently for 30 seconds after disconnecting the power. How its capable of doing that is beyond me. I count to 60 slowly, tapping my fingers impatiently on the lid, and then flick the power on. I start the machine, press the spin cycle and voila, it finished its cycle without any further dramas.

I return to my writing only to find that now my laptop refuses to connect to the internet. After a few cautionary check ups that reveal nothing that I can solve, I decide to turn the power off. Then I turn the power on, type in my password, and voila, all my stuff pops back on the screen.

I won’t mention my dishwasher because that needs a bit more than turning the power off and on. It says E 24 and its been doing that repeatedly all year (since 2019) which means that it won’t drain properly. Peter knows what to do, and it involves screwdrivers and more grunt than I can muster, so I will leave that one for him tonight.

Everything is falling apart

I allow myself to feel a little bit exasperated. What’s going on with my trusty appliances?
During December we had to call in the printer guru twice, Telstra a million times, the refrigerator guy several times, the computer guy once, followed by the gas plumber and an electrician. All because things wouldn’t work, or computers wouldn’t talk to the phone or printer or vice versa.

Then our paddock mower for the mazes had an accident and our ride-on mower died around the same time. Everything was falling apart around us it seemed. Pete and I were glad to close the doors over Christmas to focus on happier things but it was short lived.

12 hours later, on Christmas day during our Santa round, we discovered that our grandkids had fiddled with the controls on Peter’s dash board causing the alarm for the seat belts to go ding ding ding.

We kept driving, in the hope that the disturbing noise would go away if we ignored it, but no such luck. We stopped, turned the car off, turned it back on, checked the seat belts, disconnected the battery, reconnected it, and drove off. After 5 kms finally all went quiet. What a relief.
Tricked you! The car said. Every time we stop and start the ding ding ding resumes for 10kms and it has continued to this day, because so far no one has been able to fix it.

My reliable Kia Sportage created its own unique problem on New Year’s Eve. I guess it wants to feel special like the rest of my belongings. On our way to Hobart the sunroof wouldn’t close. Thankfully we discovered the problem only 10 kms into our trip. We were able to return home and swap cars, but it meant that we have suffered hundreds of kms of ding dings since 2019.

I almost don’t hear it anymore now. At least its not as bad as getting rained on through an open roof. Peters noisy car is nice and warm and comfy to drive, I tell myself. There are millions of underprivileged people in the world who would give an arm or a leg to be in my position, enjoying the freedom in Tasmania, driving a car that ding dings.

My Kia remains under cover. We aren’t sure yet whether it requires a mechanic or an auto electrician. All I know is that Peter and the mechanic couldn’t fix it, so it must be serious.

How does this relate to you?

For starters, can you see the connection between you and my washing machine?

Sometimes you need to STOP. Stop everything you are doing, turn off the switch and allow your ‘load’ to resettle. Once enough time has passed (and you are the judge of that!), you can easily gain momentum without wobbling off your axis!

How do you know you need help?

Well, if your body keeps screaming at you long after you have stopped, it might be time to come in for a session with us so we can unburden you and rebalance your nervous system.

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If are falling apart at the seams, and you know you really need the electrician, the gas plumber, the computer guru, the Telstra person, the refrigerator guy all in the one overhaul, you really need to see Peter for a Biomedx. Peter is the only person in Australia who practices Biomedx, and he comes highly recommended.

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Surge to Success together

Looking forward to seeing you! Grada