‘Chronic diseases could kill 52 million people per year….’ I am reading in an article over my morning coffee. Hmm, that doesn’t surprise me. Today, our healthcare system works well when you have an accident or an emergency, but when it comes to chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and obesity our current medical system has its limits. We need to reinvent ourselves as well as our healthcare if we want to keep our families healthier, happier and live longer. To this end the Purple House keeps organising workshops and raising topics that help you to discover ‘healthcare’ that works.

This weekend (19th and 20th of September) I run a very affordable in-depth REFLEXOLOGY WORKSHOP which will teach you how to prevent and overcome chronic disease and help you take control of your health!

“Reflexology actually works!” I am glossing over these triumphant headlines in yet another article. Research reported in two (!) newspapers that reflexology may be just as effective as mild painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. I am reading how the scientists came to that conclusion: participants were asked to submerge their hands in ice water for as long as possible as a mild form of torture. Reflexology was then applied to hands and feet and then the participants were asked to submerge their hands again. The study showed that those who received proper reflexology could handle colder water for longer periods of time than the control group.

The unfortunate participants who didn’t get proper reflexology couldn’t handle the colder water for longer periods of time. This finding means that reflexology is allowed to come out of the closet and be celebrated as a proven healing modality in its own right because the self same scientist concluded that reflexology reduces pain by 40% and improves the time pain can be handled by 45%. (That means it increases your pain threshold by 45%).

At the Purple House all our practitioners excel in reflexology. We have made sure of this! You can prove this for yourself by booking in for a session. Sometimes experience is the best way. It was for me. When I was 40 my 80 year old mum-in-law moved onto our property after she pranged her car and broke her leg. While she spent time in our spare bedroom recuperating I sometimes gave her reflexology. I am not sure how much this helped towards her recovery, but it certainly helped our bonding! Gran was normally very solitary and introverted but working her reflex points not only opened up her own healing energy channels, it also opened her heart, to the point where I got to hear many childhood stories that had never seen the light of day before.

Her car accident set a trend in our family. It prompted a series of car accidents, or so it seemed, followed by many reflexology treatments. Within a couple of weeks of gran wrecking her car, one of our daughters crashed into a tree. Luckily she was unharmed but my other two daughters and I weren’t so lucky a fortnight later when we were travelling home on a deserted country road one sunny Sunday afternoon.

Suddenly we were in the ditch, with the front of the car completely gone and Eve and me dangling from our seats by our seatbelts while Mieke had nearly been halved by her lap-belt in the back. Out of the blue a lone car travelling in the opposite direction had careered onto our side of the road just as we happened to occupy that particular patch and Bang! Before I had a chance to jump on the brakes we were involved in a head-on collision that could have killed all of us.

Luckily we came away with minor injuries. (Scars on our legs and Eve needed plastic surgery on her eye). The worst thing was the whiplash. Suddenly I felt every tiny muscle group and ligament in my body. The pain from bending over the dishwasher after dinner the next day was brutal. (Even worse than normal!)Peter was busy all day sorting out our car situation, because we had been left with no transport and eventually he gave me a gentle massage before we went to bed. The next morning my whole body was stiff and the pain was even worse. I managed to get through another day of chores when I suggested to Pete to give me a reflexology treatment instead of a massage, seeing my body was too tender to touch.

We finished that evening by Peter giving me an hour long reflexology session with all the essential oils I had. I stumbled into bed and slept like a rock. When I woke up the next morning I was as good as gold! I got up carefully tried the different muscle groups that had hurt so much the day before and to my surprise there wasn’t even a hint of uncomfortableness. Even the memory of pain had gone. Reflexology had reduced my pain by 100% as well as my recuperation time by a 100%!

I was fascinated. Even though I had witnessed many miracles with reflexology in my treatment room, this was new to me! I continued back at work and from that day on I never had another bit of trouble with whiplash, concussion or backaches caused by the head on collision. We kept busy with salvaging the bodies of our family for the next couple of years as we wrote off another 3 or 4 or 5 cars ( I lost count) ending by the ‘mother-of- all- Motor-Vehicle-Accidents’ when a passing truck crashed into my body as I was getting into our just replaced family vehicle. This was a suitable ending, because for the first time our car had only minor injuries and I suffered the brunt of the impact.

By then I had learnt my lesson and I made Peter or the kids give me reflexology every single day, while the scent of essential oils wafted through the various hospital wards I spent time in. Today I am a living testament of what our combined health care system can achieve: I am here due to a medical miracle and my quality of life is as good as it is because I took complete ownership and responsibility of rebuilding my health upon leaving the hospital.

I stop my musing and finish reading the reflexology research article which goes on to say that there are reflex points or nerve endings on each foot for preventing a knee replacement. Apparently knee replacements are the most commonly replaced joint in the body, due to obesity, walking or running on hard surfaces or just from life. The time that is needed to recover from a knee replacement often mounts up to being a whole year! Reflexology only takes a few minutes every day, or an hour at most and it is enjoyable rather than excruciating. From the comfort of my wheelchair I watched many physio patients go through the motions of bending and stretching their new knee joints and it wasn’t fun! It made me thank my lucky stars that I only needed my hip joints repairing.

There are easy to locate reflex points on the hands as well as feet to help ease the pain of a tennis elbow and frozen shoulders. The weird thing about frozen shoulders is that they just happen overnight. Suddenly half of your body is frozen in pain and you feel like a chook that has had its wings clipped. It usually disappears as mysteriously as it appeared, but it can take up to 9 months to a year.

That is the point I am trying to make: there is no need to go through life like a winged bird or wobbling around on a walking stick when you can reduce your own joint pain by 40% in 15 minutes, like this article claims. As if this isn’t enough, Mother Nature has also conveniently given you two hands covering another 14000 nerve endings, which lead back to every part of your body. If you can’t be bothered bending over to reach your feet, you can lie back in comfort and apply pressure to the points found on your hands.

There are even many reflex points on each ear, but I will leave that for another time. Celebrate the fact that you have an intelligent body! Your body wants you to have a good life. It is just waiting for you to wake up and start treating it with the care and attention it deserves.

Whether you want to know more to help yourself and your family, or whether you want to avoid invasive surgery and reduce acute pain, this weekend workshop is an opportunity to propel you in the right direction. No prior knowledge is required, just an open mind and a pair of hands and feet, a pillow and a blanket. $400 per person.

Where: Forth Primary School

When: Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of September 9.30 till 5.30

Phone: 64283007 to book your spot. (There will be Alchemy Bone Broth to share for lunch).

Free Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils!

Where: Forth Primary School

When: Tuesday evening 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start. Free started kit for all attendees. RSVP: 64283007

Paleo Eat-All- Morning-Cooking-Class.

When: Saturday 3rd of October 9.30 till 12.30

Where: 643 Forth Rd, Forth. $115 pp

Fearless Fermenting Class

When: Saturday 10th October 9.30 till 12.30

Where: 643 Forth Rd, Forth. $110 pp

More information on treatments and workshops on www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au. Or phone 64283007