Do you still believe in this?

To get healthy, you need to drink alkaline water or eat alkaline food.

How many times have you heard from your well-meaning naturopath/health coach that you are too acid?

Let me tell you that if you are sick or unhealthy, alkalizing with alkaline water or food is NOT THE ANSWER!

But don’t take my word for it, meet Janine instead.

Janine had been killing her stomach acid with expensive alkalinizing products and supplements.

Her presenting symptoms were back pain in the region of her kidneys (the middle of her back).

She was getting very forgetful, and her family worried about early onset Alzheimer’s.

On questioning I discovered that Janine had over alkalized herself which was causing her kidneys to hurt. (This is more common than you think).

I explained to her that different parts of us are designed to be extremely acidic.

Our stomach needs to be more acidic than a car battery to blast the nutrients from our food and to kill bacteria and parasites.

Our large intestine needs to be acidic to prevent it from being taken over by moulds growing on the inside, and to protect it from harmful bacteria.

Our skin is also very acidic.

When it loses its acidity, you are prone to infections, acne and blemishes.

Even our bladder needs an acidic environment to prevent or cure infections.

Luckily for Janine, her back pain disappeared the next day after she started her Betaine HCL regime.

My client Janine was in her mid- fifties and our stomach generally become less acidic as we age.

Studies have shown that seniors suffering from dementia have a greater proportion of pathogenic bacteria in their intestinal tract.

If our stomach fires aren’t burning fiercely like they should, the whole digestive tract must overcompensate, leading from stresses in our gut environment, our immune system to our brain.

Our brain expression is controlled to a very large degree by our gut bacteria.

Our ratio of beneficial or bad gut bacteria is influenced by our stomach acid levels.

So you see how everything is linked together?

Now that you know that you will NEVER FULLY RECOVER unless you have good hydrochloric acid levels isn’t it time you invest in some Betaine HCL?

It is also very affordable, as each bottle contains 240 capsules.

When you restore your digestion, wonderful things begin to happen.  

Click here to see Peters short video to explain how it works.

I really can’t wait for you to start feeling better.

In addition to boosting your stomach acid, you completely boost your immunity so you stay strong and healthy by supplementing with our Ultimate Vitality Boost as well, like Loretta did.

Here is what Loretta sent to us.

‘My first appointment with Pete was on the 20th of April.

I am not one to take medications, but I knew I had to do something for my health.

I had tried a few methods for my aches and pains, and menopause with no success.

I must admit I was sceptical when I first went to Pete, but I felt amazing after the first session, as if my body knew it had turned a corner.

I began to take Beetflow, Enzymes and the two other supplements in the Ultimate Vitality Boost, as well as the Betaine HCL.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to work, but to my surprise, after one week, I began to feel amazing.

Not only were my menopause symptoms gone, but the persistent pain in the middle of my back had evaporated as well.

I had been told by previous doctors and chiropractors that it was from bad posture, but Pete informed me that the pain was connected to my kidneys and gallbladder not functioning properly.

I no longer have bloating after meals and my sweet craving has gone.

Now, several months after I began these supplements, I notice that my nails are stronger and people remark how my skin looks radiant.

I wish that I had started on this path a long time ago and I encourage anyone sitting on the fence to go to the Purple House.”

Pete and I want everybody to feel good, so please book in for a healing session, or check out our online shop.

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