Vitamin D Supplements have no health benefits for most people according to recent research.

The headlines of an article from the Sydney Morning Herald dated Jan 24, 2022 caught my eye.

I read about a study that had been running since 2014 to determine what benefits are gained from regular vitamin D supplementation.

In the research from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute it was found there was NONE!

Firstly let me set a few things straight.

If we look up Vitamin D in Wikipedia it says “it is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids (hormones) responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate and many other biological effects.”

These substances are produced when we expose our skin to sunshine.

Ten minutes of sunshine to the skin of the upper torso before 10.00 am or after 4 pm
will produce adequate of these hormone-like substances.

Vitamin D supplements are included in a specific drug class according to Wikipedia.

A synthetic mimic of one of at least twenty different fat-soluble hormone substances that our bodies need.

My thoughts on this subject are if there are twenty or more different “vitamin Ds” wouldn’t our body need all twenty?

Our bodies always work with a bio-feed mechanism.

If we have too much of something, then it will stop or slow production.

If we start getting plenty of one of these substances (vitamin D3) which is the only one prescribed, the body may slow down the production of the other nineteen, which I would imagine we need just as much as D3!

The other question I raise is the so-called chronic low Vitamin D readings due to low-fat diets that 99% of the population adheres to?

Fats are often vilified as the bad guys, particularly saturated fats.

Fully breastfed babies are making 55% of their energy from saturated fats.

This tells me that saturated fats are not bad and rather good for us.

Low-fat diets were recommended for decades.

“Fats make you fat”!

“Fats will clog up your arteries and give you a heart attack”

“Cut out saturated fats if you have high cholesterol and change to margarine”

This is all wrong information!

Now we know Vitamin D is classified as a drug we also know it’s a synthetic mimic, made by a scientist in a lab.

There are two essential oils, Dill and Spearmint that according to science have bioidentical molecules.

Science can’t tell the difference and yet our nose can, and they are certainly very different substances.

So, we do have to question things when we’re faced with synthetic mimics.

Wherever possible obtain the natural substances and preferably organic.

We never have any deficiencies of any drug but can often have nutritional deficiencies.

We recommend people have lots of Himalayan salt as a supplement for the missing minerals and trace minerals in our soils.

One liter of water for every 30 kg of body weight hydrates properly and then ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan salt provides enough minerals and trace minerals for your body’s electrical system towork efficiently.

To obtain sufficient fats and oils, we recommend people to follow a keto diet.

We can make 10 times the amount of energy from one molecule of fat or oil than from a molecule of sugar.

Plus every molecule of sugar displaces 50 molecules of magnesium which leaves us prone to conditions like osteoporosis or osteoarthritis and pushes us into stress mode much easier, whichdisrupts the digestion of food.

This then causes a domino effect of lots of other conditions due to nutritional deficiencies.

To keep your digestion ticking over nicely and help digest adequate fats to prevent those sugar cravings I recommend people take Beetflow 3 times a day to aid bile flow and an enzyme blend (Omnizyme or Digestizyme) that contains lipase which is the enzyme to help break down fats, with every meal.

Julie came to us feeling lethargic and totally “yuck”.

She had commenced taking Vit D3 due to low blood count.

I took her blood to have a peek at it as it was still living under the microscope and at the same time, I checked her blood sugars with a glucometer.

We were both surprised to see her blood sugars a long way above normal.

They were close to 10 mmol/l which is where you start losing sugar via the kidneys which draws water with it to cause the condition of diabetes.

She hadn’t eaten anything prior to coming at 10 am.

Only drunk water.

This certainly showed she had insulin resistance.

I recommended some lifestyle/ dietary changes.

This entailed following a Keto-style food plan, having mainly good fats and oils for her fuel source.

She needed to take Beetflow and an Omnizyme to help digest everything, especially the fats.

Plus I told her to get her “Vit D” naturally with sunshine on her skin for 10 to 15 minutes a day and stop the synthetic mimic.

Julie returned six weeks later feeling on top of the world with normal blood sugar levels.

She told me it only took a few days after stopping “Vit D” that the yucky feeling left her.

And now she was getting most of her energy from fats her blood sugars had normalized decreasing her risk of other health problems, particularly inflammatory problems.

Every blood sugar above 6 mmol/l is causing inflammation.

Over time aches and pains will disappear and energy levels will remain even all day.

Years ago I had a young guy in his twenties come to me.

He worked on the family farm and he was brown as a berry in the middle of summer.

He’d previously been to his GP and tested low in “Vit D” and commenced on supplementation.

By rights, these sun-induced hormone-type substances should have been abundant throughout his system but whatever the test was for showed he was low.

There was a pair of sunnies sitting perched on top of his head.

I asked, “do you ever go without your sunglasses?”

His answer was “no, whenever I’m outside I have them on”.

Was his low “Vit D” levels due to his retina never seeing the light of day?

Natural sunlight hitting our retina does set a lot of our circadian rhythms in motion.

Nevertheless, his body was averse to synthetic vitamin D and his symptoms improved when he stopped taking them.

Let us know what your experiences are with natural versus synthetic Vitamin D.

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