Are you looking for something other than drugs or medication?

Perhaps you are right! The answer could be that your body is totally dehydrated.

The role of water in our body

When scientists seek for signs of life on other planets they search for water first. Why? Because all life depends on water and about 70 to 90% of all living organisms are composed largely of water.

All chemical reactions in our body take place in a water medium. Imagine how sick we feel when parts of our body are not properly hydrated. At the Purple House we have tested multiple thousands of clients for hydration levels, and OVER 90% OF OUR CLIENTS are in a chronic state of dehydration. Babies are 90% water at birth, and when we die from ‘natural causes’ we are usually only 60% water (which is probably the reason we died in the first place.)

So, before you read any further, grab a glass of water.

The number 1 cause of dehydration

Would you like to know what the number 1 cause of dehydration is (after not drinking enough water)? Stress and trauma. Stress and Trauma have a cell shrivelling up effect in your body. Stress and trauma overrule your master gland, the pituitary, to dictate every cell of the body to shut the doors, close the gates and stop absorbing water! The body thinks it is in a state of emergency, and water is the last thing it needs when its flooded by stress hormones.

This is a key reason why chronic stress is so destructive!

Without water flowing in and out of the trillions of cells inside our body, toxins and other harmful influences remain stuck inside the cells, and much needed nutrients remain outside.

It’s clear now that if it was possible to return our bodies to 90% water, most of our health issues would simply vanish. However, this is beyond the of the scope of drinking 8 glasses of water per day. You might have to slurp up the contents of a whole swimming pool before your body can return to perfect hydration levels, because stress, trauma and accidents not only dehydrate your physical body, but also your electrical and magnetic energy field (aura), sometimes by 1000s of litres.

An answer to chronic dehydration

Thankfully there is an answer for that and it is called Kinergetics. I discovered Kinergetics after I was released from a psychiatric unit in 2008, where I had spent 8 weeks for very intense Panic Disorder. Thankfully the Universe sent me Philip Rafferty, the founder of Kinergetics and for the first time in my life, I felt that all my energy bodies simply lined up (they must have always been a bit scrambled) and my body absorb water. I felt so thirsty after that first session! Philip saved my life and sanity at that point, and I went on to study all his classes for several years. I also encouraged all my therapists to do the same. This is a decade ago and we have never looked back.

(Today you can learn from this great teacher yourself. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2K0LggY for Philip’s workshops in January 2019 in Deloraine and globally.)

What Kinergetics (Kinesiology) can do:

Kinergetics combines the best of kinesiology and energy medicine and is based on biofeedback from your body. Your body tells us where the issues are stuck and how to resolve them. Pain of all kinds can be erased easily and effortlessly. Back pains, TMJ problems, Candida, and many life altering conditions can be reversed or eliminated in only a few Kinergetics sessions, even if people have suffered for years.

Kinergetics is an advanced, high level healing system that can go right into the action of the mitochondria (where energy is created inside the cells) or into the DNA. There are healing protocols for MS, arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia to name a few. Chronically ill clients have frequently tried many forms of healing, both conservative and alternative, and in most cases the electro-magnetic field of the human body is the only ‘system’ that has been left untreated. Tweaking of this field is often all they need.

For instance, it is easy for a physiotherapist to tell that a muscle is tight, but this knowledge does not lengthen the muscle, only exercise will do this. Psychology will help a client to see dysfunctional beliefs, yet this insight will not shift the emotional pain of that belief, only daily attention and continuing help will do this.

Kinergetics can instantly lengthen muscle and shift dysfunctional beliefs! More importantly the effects are lasting. As a result Counsellors and Psychologists as well as Physiotherapists across the globe now use Kinergetics to help patients recover faster.

At our clinic, every practitioner uses kinergetics as well as a variety of other powerful forms of energy medicine in a combinations consultation. You can check these out here….Tens of thousands of clients have experience massive benefit from this new generation of energy medicine. Are you ready to kiss your pain goodbye? Or your deep-seated toxic emotions so
your relationships improve?

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

1. My little girl suffered from nightmares and used to grind her teeth in a horrible way. After one session the grinding stopped and she now sleeps all night.

2. I am an athlete and one session improved my flexibility and endurance by 30%!

3. After being on a Candida diet for years and still suffering from all the dreadful symptoms of bloating and brainfog, I only needed one correction. The next day I felt completely different; the heaviness had gone, my thinking was clear and I have been feeling light and filled with vitality ever since.

4. I was molested as a young girl and grew up with no sense of self worth. I always felt doomed. This seeped into all my relationships and into my work life. I never felt that I deserved anything good. Kinergetic sessions have set me free. I am off all antidepressants and now each day I look forward to what life has in store. Even though I shed some tears during the sessions it was mostly easy and pain free. My issues were quickly identified and corrected and it all made a lot of sense to me. I recommend this to everybody who has suffered from abuse in the past. You never know how good your life can be till you discover it for yourself! It’s like you don’t know how sore you are in certain spots of your body till you have a massage and you suddenly realize you have pain there. I realized I had gone through my entire life with a heavy load of pain and tension and now it is gone I feel completely different.

5. Six weeks ago I had a setback to my health that affected me physically and mentally. The setback was based on the notion of “rejection”, compounded by a recent similar but unrelated experience, sleep deprivation and a bout of food poisoning. The issue was not hugely significant, but my life to that point, was geared toward a set holiday goal early next year, that even included my daily exercise regime. This innocuous rejection triggered shock, ‘fight and flight’ initial adrenalin response, followed by disappointment, hurt, loss of trust, abandonment, sadness, anxiety, early stages of depression and finally avoidance.

I sought alternative therapy at Purple House rather than conventional medicine.  After two sessions of Kinesiology, three remedial massage treatments using cupping and reflexology, plus recommended supplements and dietary change, I am now well on the way to recovery and starting to feel great.  On reflection to my episode of rejection and the extraordinary consequences to my body, I determined that I had experienced Post Traumatic Stress symptoms directly related to a highly stressful relationship disappointment that took place six years ago. Thank you to your team at Purple House.  I will continue with remedial massage sessions and the subsequent preventative health benefits.

Have you experienced:

• Bullying
• Recovery from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation
• Toxins
• Whiplash
• Sexual abuse
• Broken bones
• Bites and stings
• Allergies and auto immune disorders
• Pain and sickness
• Chronic fatigue
• Autism and vaccine damage

If you have spent years of your life feeling sick and tired, or wasted thousands of dollars in misguided information, choose to do something different and book an appointment today. Take advantage of the proximity of the Purple House and transform your pain or lack of energy into a sense of freedom and vitality. Yours to great health! Grada

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How much water is enough? We usually recommend that you drink 1 litre of water for every 30 kilos of bodyweight daily (not weekly!) and that you add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan Salt per litre to cover your mineral needs. This is especially important to remember in the summer! Most Australians are chronically mineral deficient so aim for about a teaspoon per day to stay healthy.

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