All your medical test, including blood tests, stool tests, endoscopy and colonoscopy came back normal… “It is all in your head”.

Has this ever happened to you?

You feel like sh**t and all your medical tests give you a perfect bill of health?

There is a reason for this.

There is no medical test to measure your stomach acid levels.

Let me reverse engineer it one more step.

You could be suffering from serious health challenges like chronic tiredness, low libido, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, worms or parasites, bacterial or yeast overgrowths, migraines, allergies or inflammation.

This could go on for decades.

The root cause is never identified or addressed, because there is no medical test to determine if your stomach is pumping out enough hydrochloric acid.

Worse, it is mostly assumed that you produce too much hydrochloric acid.

You get prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors (such as Nexium, Somac etc.) to reduce your stomach acid even more.

PPI’s increase the risk of kidney failure by 96%.


This is criminal, especially when there is data to show that 75% of Australians are actually struggling with low stomach acid levels or hypochlorhydria.

And yet, here we have a solution that is safe, easy, affordable and natural in the form of Betaine HCL.

Plus we have an excellent way to test your stomach acid levels or Hydrochloric acid levels up to scratch.

It is called the Full Health Analysis or Biomedx.

As far as we know, we are the only facility in Australia that checks all 5 of your body’s control systems that nobody has ever heard of.

These systems are the engines that drive your body and mind.

When your engines are primed, you move through life with ease and energy.

I am here to tell you that if you have felt something is ‘off’, you feel out of whack, or you have a hard time recovering from small setbacks, you are probably right.

Something is off.

Trust your instincts and book your body in for a complete overhaul/Biomedx session.

It could save your life!

Because when one of your 5 engines is out of whack, it causes hundreds and hundreds of adverse reactions in your body, which you experience as pain and suffering.

The beauty of Biomedx is that now we are able to find the root cause and reverse the process of disease.

Taking charge of your own health includes understanding as much as possible about the way your body functions or malfunctions.

Most degenerative conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis give us clues or warning signals long before our diagnosis.

I recommend that everyone has an annual health check up with Peter.

Take your car for instance.

Imagine you have just bought an expensive Mercedes.

You would be out of your mind if you kept on driving it without it’s milestone services where mechanics lift the bonnet to reveal how it is performing.

Household expenditure on owning and operating vehicles averaged $9081 in 2015-16  and represented 13.4 per cent of total expenditure on goods and services (I believe that today it is closer to $15000 annually)

Yet when it comes to your own precious Rolls Royce, your marvellous body, we ignore all the warning bells and continue to drive it into the ground.

  • We eat foods that make us feel yuck.
  • We don’t drink enough water.
  • We take heartburn tablets that kill us slowly.
  • We remove vital body parts (gallbladder, adenoids, appendix)

What if I told you that every dollar you spend today on restoring your broken parts will pay off a million-fold?

Don’t give up!

I have experienced some very dark and difficult times with my body, but I never gave up.

There was something in me that always urged me on to find real solutions.

That’s how we discovered Biomedx.

I had been hit by a truck and left for dead in 2006.

(Download my free PDF ebook “You are the Miracle! How being hit by a truck saved my life”)

After a miraculous recovery, I collapsed in 2008.

I spent 2 months in a psychiatric hospital with PTSD.

In 2009, I was given several clean bills of health.

Everything was functioning according to all the tests.

Yet, I felt as if I was going to die.

All day long I was dying on the inside. (Not that anyone could tell, I could have won the Oscar award with my cover up)

We flew to Chicago to find answers.

We found my BIG ONE: I was hardly producing any stomach acid.

I was over alkalizing too.

I had used up all my reserves to get to Chicago and nearly died from a bowel blockage halfway during the workshop.

I spent 3 days hooked up to drips in a hospital in Chicago to revive my body.

As soon as I was able to sit up, we flew home.

We didn’t have any money to change our flights.

I hung in there by eating a small bowl of bone broth and swallowing Betaine HCL and Beetflow to get my digestion going, all the way home.

I was so relieved I made it!

We returned home with 2 laboratory sets and started testing our clients with Biomedx straight away and now, 12 years later, thousands of clients have benefitted from these tests and doing great! 

I have never stopped taking these supplements since.

And look at me now…I am nearly sixty, and feeling fit, flexible and vibrant.

I put in long hours with clients, research, write and study every day, and enjoy spending time with my large brood (26 in all).

I sleep well at night and nobody can tell that at one point I was paralysed, suffering from PTSD and suffered chronic life-threatening bowel blockages.

I never gave up on my quest to get 100% better, whole and healthy.

If I hadn’t discovered that I produced so little stomach acid, I would never have been able to have the resources to recover from the truck accident.

When you are sick or injured, your body needs 7 times the amount of nutrients than a healthy person.

  • I knew I was going to die.
  • It wasn’t all in my head.
  • I am so glad I made it.
  • I listened to my intuition.
  • I booked flights to Chicago and paid for the workshop at a time we were almost going bankrupt, with kids in Uni a double mortgage and a houseful of teenagers.

Pete didn’t want to go because of the money situation and he was worried I wouldn’t last the trip.

But I was stubborn.

I am still pigheaded, only now I feel persistent when it comes to YOUR health.

So book in for a Biomedx session today.

You will be in the best of hands with Pete.

He can help you the way he has always supported me, with infinite diligence and care.

If you need to save up for it first, start taking the UVB (Ultimate Vitality Boost) and Betaine HCL today.

You can call us on 03 64283007 or 0428283007 for products, information or to arrange a session.

Alternatively, click here to book an appointment online, we are open Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Much love as always!