“I feel so ill and tired all the time and nothing I do is making me better. What is wrong with me?”

I hear a variation of this complaint hundreds of times in my practice. It is the first sense most people have that something is wrong.

If only I had been that lucky.

I was healthy enough when I was born as child number 7, but I wasn’t much to look at apparently. My grandmother took one look at me, and exclaimed: “is that the best you can do Ethel!” She packed her bags to storm off home to Queensland, leaving my mum and dad with their brood to fend for themselves on their dairy farm in Tasmania.

My mum wasn’t a great ‘milker’. If she’d been a dairy cow, she would’ve been sent to the choppers long ago. Fortunately for mum, she was a loving intelligent human being instead, and after her milk dried up she started me on fresh cow’s milk, like she had done for her other children.

That’s when she knew she was in trouble!

As soon as the warm milk hit my lips, I projectile vomited. I simply couldn’t keep it down.

My parents didn’t know what was going on. They had never seen anything like this before. Remember this was 1958, long before allergies were common.

I kept vomiting. In desperation they turned to goats’ milk, but I had the same violent reaction.

I had been a runt to start with, in desperate need of ‘fattening up’ and now I was heading in the opposite direction; I was fading away.

Suddenly my mum remembered an article she’d read in the Reader’s Digest about Arab racehorses and how they excelled in their races on a diet of dates and bananas.

I’m not sure what Arab racehorses and a skun rabbit (me) had in common, other than the fact that we were both racing against time.

The clock was ticking, and we were running out of options.

Mum pinned all her hopes on dates and bananas, which she obtained at the local store, probably sacrificing other necessities, because my parents didn’t really have a spare penny to rub together.

pete robertson as a teenager

Luckily for me, the mashed up dates and bananas did the trick! Mum’s inventiveness saved my life, but I always had to avoid getting milk on my skin. If I got it on my eyes, or lips, they would swell up instantly – thats how allergic I was.

When my hormones kicked in as a teenager, I developed life threatening allergies to all types of fish. I suffered anaphylactic shock. It scared the living daylights out of me. I became extremely vigilant of my diet after that.

Going out for meals or picnics became stressful. It impacted my social life. I became a loner. I was often moody and depressed.

Maybe you can relate to this?

I spent lots of time on my own out in nature, which suited me fine, but as you know, trees don’t talk back!

I did have one really close mate, Mick. Mick and I connected at age 13 and he became my long lost twin. We ended up going on many adventures together, like climbing mount Uluru on bare feet. We never argued; we had some sort of silent understanding. While I was in his company, life was a hoot.

This all ended one terrible day: 10th June 1978. Mick drowned in an adventure on the Forth river and I narrowly escaped the same fate.

My allergies, depressive moods and belly aches came back with a vengeance after that.

I completely isolated myself from everyone, which was easy, because I worked as a National Parks and Wildlife ranger in Tasmania’s National Parks.

If you are experiencing something like this, please keep on reading….

Before I completely lost all my social skills the Universe stepped in and I was invited to my brother’s wedding in Holland.

He was engaged to a Dutch girl. On a whim I accepted the invite and this is how I found myself on the opposite side of the world! In the middle of a freezing cold winter, knocking on the door of a little old house in the middle of a village, dressed in my summer national parks uniform.

This is how I met Grada. I spent a year grooming my people skills and learning Dutch and then we returned to Tasmania, Grada migrating at the ripe old age of 19.

pete and grada with two young kids

Before we knew it we had 6 children, living off the land (mostly) on a remote hobby farm on the edge of the wilderness, at the end of a road to nowhere in Tasmania’s North East.

None of our kids had my problem with food allergies, thank goodness, except for Caleb, who was born with eczema and psoriasis which turned out to be stress and food related.

During this period, I was healthy enough. I managed to work two jobs for a decade working on the farm before and after shift work as a full-time nurse in the Scottsdale hospital.

However, deep down, I knew that something in my body still wasn’t working.

We ate very healthy. We were surrounded by mountains, forests and creeks which meant that our water and air was the purest on earth. We had a toxin free lifestyle as much as possible. I was privileged to be surrounded by love and connection from family and friend. And yet….

I didn’t have much emotional resilience.

I often had bouts of depression, moodiness or jealousy….. even though on the outside I had it all: a loving family, success, respect and friendship at work, healthy children, a great place to live….

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you ‘have it all’ yet your gut is uneasy, or you feel an emptiness on the inside?

My life changed dramatically when I was introduced to enzymes in my late thirties. By a vet mind you. I must have looked a bit like a sick droopy eared bulldog by then. You might be asking in your mind, what have enzymes got to do with anything?

Well, these enzymes turned out to be a very important key to restore my digestion and energy!

gut is the second brain

I became a different person.

If I accidentally ate fish, it didn’t need to come back up. My moods lifted. I started to feel lighter. I didn’t feel that inherent sense of isolation anymore. The change happened very quickly. And the best part was the change was permanent (as long as I took my enzymes)!

Could it have all been due to my gut?

But we had more to learn.

In January 2006 Grada had a horrific accident. A truck hit her fair square in the back and left her for dead lying on the hot bitumen. She had massive skeletal and internal injuries including spinal nerve damage that paralysed her bladder, lower bowel and part of her body.

By then we had an established practice in Forth.

Grada beat the odds stacked against her.

She applied everything she had ever learnt about healing the body and was back at work within 6 months, but we knew we needed better ways of testing for her to enjoy full recovery.

A year after the MVA she was able to have her colostomy bag reversed, but she was constantly felled by bowel blockages and bladder infections which drained her vitality and life force. We wanted to find ways to help Grada recover COMPLETELY. We had to get to the bottom of her problems.

This led us to Chicago where we learned a unique metabolic testing system, called Biomedx.

We were trained to look for imbalances at the cellular level, and to take a deep dive into the source of pain and problems.

While we were there Grada suffered a life-threatening bowel obstruction.

grada in hospital after a bowel obstruction

We immediately implemented what we’d learned at the Biomedx training. It worked! Three days later we were scheduled to fly back to Australia, a 30 hour trip home that required stamina. The hospital reluctantly discharged her, and the trip home was uneventful, which was quite incredible considering she had been near death a few days earlier.

Our bodies are amazing healing machines and we can make a comeback from almost everything, if we give ourselves the healing solutions that work.

Apparently 90% of fitness is dietary related. We can eat the best food and enjoy the purest diet but unless we restore the capacity to digest and assimilate what is on our plate, our biology and biochemistry keeps breaking down.

What if your body’s self-healing mechanism could suddenly switch on and work smoothly once again?

Now, thanks to our Biomedx testing and the Ultimate Vitality Boost, your body can act as its own best doctor, and heal itself from allergies and ailments, as it was designed to do.

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I will explain exactly how this works in my next blog: https://www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au/how-ultimate-vitality-boost-works/

Plus, there will be some amazing case histories that will blow your mind.

Talk soon, Peter

PS: I forgot to mention that today, I am fitter, healthier and more flexible than I have ever been, and I can eat anything. My digestion is cast iron!

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