Recently I have seen a lot of clients with addictions.

Addicted to smoking, alcohol, binging, comfort eating, work, cleaning, or hoarding.

Addicted to painkillers is a big one too.

In 2015 there were 2023 deaths in Australia by drugs with nearly 70% of those due to prescription drugs.

10% of Australians prescribed an opioid painkiller will become addicted.

And we know that Australia has a huge drinking problem!

What’s behind all addictions?

What do they all have in common?

It is an unmet need at the SUBCONSCIOUS level.

Your subconscious gives you the urge to have that bottle of wine, cigarette or work 24/7…..

That’s why it is so powerful.

It isn’t coming from the rational mind, otherwise, you could simply think it away.

If only you could have a few positive thoughts and it is gone.

Your subconscious rules your life in the background; looking after you when you are asleep, and when you are awake it is still in charge of 90% of the show.

So what is this unmet need?

Well, it is easy to guess that it is some sort of painful fear.

It comes up, you feel it rise to the surface and then you quickly have to smother it with a cigarette, piece of chocolate or drink for instance.

Today I want to do a really simple exercise that might give you practical relief from your addictive behaviours.

First of all, think of ANY sneaky addiction you might have:

….. checking your phone all the time…. always running late for appointments….. working too much….

You will know a behaviour has become an addiction by seeing what happens if you stop it. You get withdrawal symptoms.

Do you feel guilty and grumpy if you take a full day off? You might be a workaholic.

So just check in with yourself.

Next, think of the times that you get triggered.

Now ask yourself what the underlying painful fear is…

All our fears can be categorized into 3 main ones:


So take a minute to figure out which fear is the strongest for you.

(Hint: with addictions, the FEAR OF EMPTINESS if often the culprit.)

I want you to identify where you feel that fear in your body, think of the first time you felt this emptiness, and when you pushed it under.

Stay connected to it.

Really feel it in your body.

Now, while you are sitting in that painful feeling I want you to become aware that the Universe is here to support you.

There is unlimited unseen support and you can feel that energy flow into the top of your head, into your hands, and into your body, taking care of that feeling or memory that is stored in the tissues.

Let it take care of the illusions that are trapped inside your body.


You don’t have to figure it all out. You don’t have to fight anything, simply put your attention on the support that flows through your hands into your body and subconscious mind.

You don’t need to know how this is going to happen because energy has its own wisdom.

Simply think: I will leave this up to the Universe.

Enjoy this feeling of trust and surrender for a few minutes.

Bring to mind right now, something that you want for yourself.

Think of the good feeling that you get, the good vibes that you would have if the fear was all gone.

Put yourself in the scene, putting the focus on what you are wanting.

Breathing into that, let your heart expand and in your mind’s eye, you are seeing it occur.

You are looking at yourself in a different way.

You have a clean bill of health.

You have a new set of lungs or a new liver.

Your bank account looks healthy.

And it might be different for all of you.

As soon as you think: this is too big for me..

Feel the energy of the unlimited, unseen support flow through your body.

You don’t need to know how it all works out.

You just need to hand over the steering wheel to the Universe.

Let go of that control for a little while…

Notice how peaceful and calm it is feeling inside your body.

Notice energetically as well as physically and emotionally..

You feel connected to your innermost self and to the universe at the same time and you are happy to hand over the CEO job to this unseen support.

This week I want you to practice getting the support from the Universe/unlimited, unseen consciousness/God/guides, angels, ancestors who are all there to fill your cup with peace, calm and trust.

So you can stay in an open and expanded state without neediness or addictions.

Being in this state, you will enjoy:

• Handling stress better
• Experiencing accelerated physical and emotional healing
• Having a stronger immune system
• Rewarding relationships
• Being more connected to your loving, wise self
• Having greater self-esteem
• Experiencing an improved zest for life
• And even having a deeper sense of purpose and achievement in every area of life.

I hope you have a great week, and much love to you all! Grada

PS. Please feel free to post your experiences in the comments!