‘More than one million Australian children live with a parent who has depression, putting those children directly at risk of developing depression and anxiety themselves,’ I am reading in the newspaper today.
Often people have no idea how to talk to their loved ones and children about their mental condition and anxiety, and when they do talk about it, it can cause confusion and more pain.

The article mentions a list of symptoms. Do you experience the following?

·         More irritable and aggressive than usual

·         Not sleeping well, or sleeping too much

·         A feeling of hopelessness or helplessness

·         Trouble with concentration

·         Not hungry

·         No control over unwanted thoughts

·         Consuming more alcohol or other addictive substances than normal

·         Engage in reckless behaviour

·         You have thoughts that life isn’t worth living

Trauma and wrong thinking patterns aside, often low moods are more to do with nutrient deficiency than anything else.

If we are poorly nourished we are less able to cope with life’s challenges. There are natural blues busters that provide the raw construction materials from which the body can make neurotransmitters such as serotonin (also known as the happy hormone). Lack of nutrients always plays a role in mental illness, so no matter whether you see a Dr, a counselor or a psychologist; if you are serious about finding a cure you need to supply your body with what is lacking.

To save yourself and the next generation a lot of pain and heartbreak here are some suggestions:

1.      Magnesium. All your counselling sessions will be a waste of time if your body lacks the key mineral magnesium. At least 500 functions in the body depend on the presence of magnesium. You can use magnesium oil on your body or supplement with Magnesium Complete once or twice daily. (for more info on magnesium please click here: https://www.purplehousenaturaltherapies.com.au/chocolate-cravings-magnesium-deficiency/)

2.      A dose of tyrosine and glutamine (500 to 1000 mg in the morning) is meant to be the natural alternative to Prozac. Tyrosine also helps to give you a boost of energy in the morning and glutamine is an essential amino acid for the brain. It turns into GABA, a calming, muscle relaxing brain chemical. It helps to clear the mind.

3.      Iron is essential for oxygen transport to the brain. Low iron causes fatigue, mental confusion, irritability and forgetfulness. Percy’s Powder is a good source of iron, and so is Bioraculous.

4.      Iodine is a real health issue in Australia. You need iodine to make the thyroid hormones that speed up cell metabolism. If your thyroid is struggling you may suffer from fatigue and brain fog, depression and anxiety. As soon as you start taking your iodine drops in the morning you feel your mood lift and you become the positive person you always wanted to be.

5.      St John’s-Wort is taken by many thousands of people in Europe, and in Germany it is prescribed 5 more times than Prozac as it is less likely to cause side effects. It works by inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin and dopamine.

6.      5 HTP is a precursor to serotonin as well

7.      The B Vitamins are especially important because they maximize energy production in the brain cells and support the brain’s chemical messenger system. B3 helps produce serotonin and histamine, vital for healthy memory and mood stability.

If you are really confused now don’t despair. The perfect solution is Calm Nature, which contains nearly all of the above except for tyrosine, glutamine and iodine. It even contains a small amount of natural lithium. Research has shown that areas with higher levels of lithium in the drinking water showed very low levels of mental illness. Calm Nature retails for around $47.27 for 180 capsules.

When you take antidepressants it becomes a priority to take extra nutrients because most antidepressants suppress nutrient uptake.

This is caused by the fact that we have as many neurotransmitters in our gut as in our brain, and the antidepressants have a slowing down effect on the neurotransmitters in the digestive tract, where nutrients are meant to be absorbed. This is also the reason why antidepressants can make you gain extra kilos.

It is good to remember that the brain is mostly water and fats, and the average person needs to drink at least 2 litres per day, and have 3 tablespoons of healthy fats. Coconut oil is one of the best fats for the brain and in some cases has even been able to reverse Alzheimer’s disease. (If it is able to reverse something like Alzheimer’s, which is the giant amongst mental disorders, you’d think that clearing up smaller disorders would be a no-brainer for coconut oil.)

All of the above products are stocked at the clinic and we have had some excellent feedback from clients who are now enjoying their lives again simply by tweaking their diet, drinking more water and supplying their bodies with the nutrients it needed all along.

Of course, if you know that you need some sort of help, but don’t know where to start, a combination healing session at the Purple House is a great option and a real eyeopener.

How can you explain that pain just disappears, old deep-seated negative emotions are found and dissolved, toxins are neutralized, minerals are balanced and you feel more at peace than you have ever felt before? All this happens during one session!

For thousands of Purple House clients the changes have been dramatic and lasting.

With love, Grada