Do you feel impatient for the Great Awakening to be over and done with?

Or for things to go “back to normal?”

Tonight I want to focus on your role as a witness to the shift that is happening.

There is an inspiring story about a monk who goes to a village when there are problems.

All he does is sit on a hilltop overlooking the village, just observing.

At the end of the day the problems are resolved, everyone feels better and the monk goes back home.

There is enormous potential for healing and awakening in this time as long as we stay connected to our centre and don’t get caught up in fear and uncertainty.

We don’t need to change anything, fight, or resist.

I want to tell you the story of how a grub turns into a beautiful butterfly.

I researched it today and was surprised at the gruesomeness of that process.

As soon as the caterpillar has outgrown its skin, a hormone is released, which tells the larva to shed its skin.

Then it starts to hang upside down from a twig or leave and spins itself a cocoon.

This process is driven by the same hormone.

Without this hormone, metamorphosis doesn’t happen.

It’s a bit like us.

We don’t like getting triggered.

We love to stay inside our comfort zone, but Covid 19 forced us into lockdown.

Mother Earth sent us all to go into our bedrooms like naughty kids, so we can have a good hard look at our lives.

Like a caterpillar that’s been forced into the cocoon.

Because we have outgrown our old structures, they are not serving us any longer.

We have outgrown our old ways of thinking and being.

What happens next inside the cocoon is incredible: the caterpillar’s body is turned into goo.

Muscles and gut cells are digested and kept for spare parts for the soon to be butterfly.

Each cell is programmed to self destruct by an enzyme.

I wonder how the grub must feel when its entire existence has gone to soup.

It’s only option is to surrender and trust in the plan!

We too need to remember that the Universe has it all under control.

We have to be prepared to let some things die.

Things that don’t serve us any longer.

They are different things for each of us.

But if we hang onto old ways of being and thinking, we won’t be able to soar to the skies later.

Our very existence depends on our ability to trust, in Divine timing, divine intervention, and trust in our inner navigating system to keep it on track.

The entire caterpillar has to disintegrate except for its discs before the wings, legs, and eyes are formed, turning the grub into a butterfly.

And then there is the final struggle to free itself from its surroundings, the cocoon.

This is hard work, but this stage can’t be skipped.

The struggle helps the fluid get into the wings.

After it comes out, it has to sit there for a while and rest.

Then it starts to flap its wings for a bit.

All this struggle and flapping actually increases the butterfly’s ability to fly.

Let me ask you, where are you at inside the big change that is happening?

Now is not the time to give up, or give in to fear.

I feel that right now, planet earth and its inhabitants are morphing into something totally new and beautiful.

Into new space, where we easily remember our soul purpose, and each person has his or her own personal experience of their divinity.

A world where we can come together, united, no more wars, no prejudices, no famine, no homelessness…

But we are not there yet.

Right now we are simply at different stages of development, but one thing is for sure, we are all on the same journey and we are all fully supported by the Divine or by Infinite Intelligence.

Trust in the process of ‘growing wings’.

Together we will rise, not at the expense of another, but with love for all.

Listen to the meditation in this video to help you connect with your inner being, your essence, the part of you that never changes, and that holds everything together.

Enjoy! Much love as always, Grada