Do you sometimes feel like keeping your children home to let them chill out a bit?

The first week after school went back Lucy wondered where her nice little boy had gone.

On arrival home at 3 pm, he was crabby and irritated, far removed from his happy-go-lucky self…

Then Jody brought her daughter to me the other day.

Her daughter was suffering from intense anxiety and panic attacks.

They just seem to come from nowhere.

Suddenly with no obvious trigger; she would be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety escalating into a panic attack.

Age four came up when I started giving her some energy healing.

“What happened at age four,” I asked.

“What was it like for you when you started school?”

“Oh, she loved it” her mum answered.

“She left me at the door on day one and disappeared with a group of kinder kids in quick time.”

“She was, and still is mind you, a life be in it type or girl” her mum added.

“I can remember being yelled at by the teacher, and being on the blue chair a lot (time out).” Ally laughed

Can you imagine a very energetic, life-loving, innocent little human being yelled at; and placed on time out for just being her authentic self?

Mind you, I take my hat off to teachers who spend day after day in a classroom with dozens of noisy little “brats”!

They must be a special breed of people with a lot of patience!

Back to Ally.

What I found was that the charge of the emotional trauma, from age 4, was triggering a fight and flight reaction today.

Imagine what would she be telling herself all the time….

“I can’t be this or I have to stop doing that if I want the approval and love of the significant adult (teacher) in my life.

She would have had to squash poor little Ally down and suppress all her emotions.

Those feelings never go away if they aren’t addressed, expressed, or healed, that is what we did during the session.

I made sure Ally’s subconscious mind knew that it hadn’t been her fault and that she was perfectly lovable just the way she was.

So how can you support your child’s mental and emotional health?

How can you support yourself as a parent or teacher during these demanding years?

Give your nervous system what it needs in the way of total nutritional support!

Mighty Mins brings out the best in your child, not only behaviour wise but also academically.

It is a balanced supplement, with lots of good nervous system soothers.

The adult equivalent is called Activator.

It calms and restores the nervous system so you can be your best self when a crisis hits.

I remember how Grada behaved when Lisanne, our second child, was put on timeout for a whole week; she was only 8 or 9 and was bullied a lot.

She had tried to run away from school because of an altercation with the teacher.

I wish we had known about mighty Mins at that point in our lives.

Grada decided that the punishment was too severe; and traveled to the primary school to sit with Lisanne through the lunch break.

When she arrived and saw her little girl sitting all by herself in the full sun, with no shade, the lioness mama erupted like a volcano.

I think everyone at the school could hear her stomping up the long corridor towards the staff room, where the teachers were innocently munching on their lunches.

Grada was livid and told them in no uncertain double Dutch terms what she thought of them, putting a hapless young girl out in the sun for an hour and not looking into the reasons why she was so unhappy.

She announced that she was taking Lisanne home and she would perform her timeout at home all week.

Grada could have done with the nerve soothing abilities of the Activator at that time I am sure.

And the teachers are probably still trying to work out the tirade of Dutch mixed with English, even thirty-two years later!!

You can also try the following brain gym exercises with your kids when they’re out of sorts.

It will bring them into balance pretty quickly.

You can do them together, and turn any negative situations into a positive experience very quickly.
  1. Cook’s Hook-ups see the demonstration on our live video.
  2. Emotional Stress Release ( you can hold these points to balance your kid’s energy field) (see video)
  3. Brain Gym Exercise is to help them be in their genius. (see video)

Combine these exercises with the Mighty Mins to bring out your Child’s very best!

Do the exercises with your kids and combine them with Activator to be YOUR best!