Yesterday we published a list of things for you to hang next to your bed, things you need less of so you can have more of something good!

So here we go: less carbs, more fats!

Fats give you healthy, clean, reliable fuel that will last for hours and keep you fit and young.

Years ago Pete started to eat a packet of butter a day, cut out bread and carbs and lost 8 kilograms. Today he is even fitter than he ever was.

So fats are great, especially butter and coconut oil.

They keep your brain and heart very healthy and give your skin a youthful glow.

To help digest your fats, have Beetflow with every meal.

Next, have less sugar and more Himalayan Salt.

When you have a sugar craving, sprinkle some salt on your tongue first and then follow it with a drink of water. You won’t feel like eating sugar anymore.

Sugar cravings are usually a cry for minerals, but we misunderstand our body’s cry and fill up on sweets, which rob us of minerals.

So salt and water is a recipe for great health and tons of energy.

Then we need to worry less and feel more contentment.

I tell you how I do that in the video.

To stop worrying do EFT, or emotional freedom technique, which you can learn online for free.

I highly recommend that you do some EFT every day.

Next, we talked about toxic positivity and how to replace that with understanding..

And how to replace toxic friendships with self love.

This entire list is about acts of self love that will give you radical change and result in more time for fun in your day; more satisfaction, peace and energy.

Check out the video below to hear it all.

Wishing you a wonderful healthy, vibrant and productive 2020!

Download the free ebooks on iodine and osteoporosis and the Purple House Smoothie to deepen your understanding on more fats, less carbs, more magnesium, less calcium and so on.

We are here to help you.

Much love, Pete and Grada