Did you realise that the Purple House is one of Tasmania’s largest Health Centres? That we have 6 treatment rooms which are busy most days? That we stock a large range of interesting supplements, books and super foods? That you can walk in any day of the week and have a chat to one of our staff members about your health concerns? That you can relax in Alchemy Café before or after a treatment?

When we opened 15 years ago we believed ‘small is beautiful’ and that is still our motto today. It was never our intention to get big, however as the years went by the demand outgrew our first premises and now we are finding that we are almost in the same situation…So what is it that we are good at? To satisfy your curiosity I have included the latest Purple House brochure for you to share with friends and family. There is a short blurb on the modalities we (all 8 of us) specialise in.

Before you open the brochure I would like to share the following testimonial: “for 3 years I visited different doctors with a rash between my legs, which often bled, and it was often very itchy. Sometimes I was sure I was on fire. The problem made it hard for me to walk quite often.

I was telling a friend about it and she suggested I give the Purple House at Forth a call, which I did and made an appointment.

On the 12th of March, my first visit, Peter Robertson was the person I saw. He asked me a lot of questions. He asked me what the doctors called my rash. The doctors had called it a fungus. Then Peter took some blood from my finger and did a blood analysis. I had no white blood cells in that sample; my red blood cells were all in bunches with fat particles all around them.

Peter put me on a no-carbohydrate diet for two weeks. No cereals for breakfast. No coffee, tea, ice-cream or biscuits, which I love, just eggs and bacon for breakfast, soup for midday meal and for the evening meal: veggies and meat and no dessert.

My second visit was on the 26th March. Peter did a finger prick, did the same sort of blood test, and found that I had some white blood cells. My red cells had come apart and the fat particles were gone, so Peter gave me two types of supplements to help me with other things I can’t remember.

Five weeks later my next appointment was great, my fungus had gone. Now I have lost fourteen kilo’s. I never intended to lose weight, but it happened and I am a very happy customer. I don’t run out of wind when I go for long walks and I feel great. My wife eats what I am eating and she has lost ten kilo’s. I feel great now, no coffee, tea, fast foods or sugar. Thanks ever so much to Peter at the Purple House, a great chap!” (This client had a Biomedx session)
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