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A closer look at self-judgment and guilt.

Guilt is one of the densest emotions, with a very low frequency.

Love vibrates at the frequency of 528 mHz for instance and guilt operates a low 30 mHz so it really pulls your health and vitality down.

Guilt often sneaks up on us and we are so used to feeling it, that we don’t even recognize it for what it is anymore.

It shows up as low energy, feeling empty or unfulfilled, or not enjoying life.

Guilt often sits in your large intestine, creating belly aches or food allergies.

It can also give you ankle problems.

Your ankles will be too weak or floppy, or too inflexible and stiff.

These are all examples of how guilt issues show up in your tissues.

So, do your best to release guilt whenever it pops up!

Guilt really has no purpose in your life, unless you did do some real harm, and then you need to rectify your actions and move on as fast as you can.

By the way, have you ever judged yourself harshly when you got a breakthrough or AHA moment?

Just remember that if you learned something new about yourself today, it would have been impossible for you to know about it before!

It is not a good idea to judge a previous version of yourself through the lenses of who you are today!

I am going to suggest that instead of feeling guilty when you miss the mark, start seeing yourself as a human being having a go at life, where God/Universe is sending you lessons (as cunningly disguised problems.)

Every now and then stuff happens to trip you up and you don’t learn from it, you can’t bring a new, improved version of yourself into the next challenge.

But when you do learn from those lessons, you get to play at the next level!

Many of us who are doing well now realize we are only doing as well, because we have been able to learn as we went along (in our business, marriages, as a parent for instance)

We tripped up many times, but eventually, we got our breakthroughs and we got to level up and enjoy our life more deeply.

Many of us had parents who were not exactly the best role models or parents. (Even though they meant well)

Pete and I have had to learn how to build a great relationship that weathers the storms and gives us joy.

It takes concentration and awareness and compassion, and we learnt it mostly by making mistakes

Kids learn to walk by falling over.

They don’t beat themselves up when they fall over.

Parents don’t give them the guilt trip every time they hit rock bottom!

If we learn to walk by falling over, we probably learn how to build a successful business by losing money.

We learn how to build a great relationship by chipping bits off each other and by getting through disagreement and not giving up.

So how did we arrive at guilt and harsh self-judgments?

It started when painful or traumatic events happened early in our life which causes us great pain.

That wounding may happen several times in several areas, or repeated wounding can happen over and over for a period of time.

The wound takes place at some point for all of us.

It is impossible for it to not have happened.

In the wounding process and immediately afterward we make a decision about ourselves.

That decision about ourselves is about “this has happened to me because I am unworthy or unlovable or unwanted or useless, or stupid or dumb or naughty or I am no good”.

We now have a belief of “I am….this or that”.

Chances are that circumstances will confirm that belief because like attracts like.

This really cements those beliefs in for a lifetime, unless we invest time, energy, awareness, and compassion in ourselves and do our trauma work to release this negative belief.

Trauma work is hard for everyone!

It is not for the fainthearted but when you commit to seeing it through, you get to play at the next level, where you enjoy greater confidence, inner peace, wealth, and health and I want that for all of you!

Tune into above the video to release guilt and free up your innocent inner child!

Much love as always,