Recently Grada and I had smart meters installed on our house after having solar connected.

I’d heard that they send radio frequencies back to the office with the usage data so the Aurora man doesn’t have to come and read them anymore.

Apparently, it’s similar to the radio frequency emitted from our mobile phones, which by the way isn’t supposed to cause cancer according to the FDA.

I’m not sure whether we can trust these government bodies because there is so much conflicting information….

Wikipedia says that any radiation exposure can increase the risk of cancer.

So protecting ourselves from all types of radiation where possible makes good sense.

When our children were young we bought a small farm in the northeast of Tasmania.

We overheard a Telstra technician talk to one of his mates: “I’m here at the back of beyond” was his description of where we had chosen to live with our young family.

Hopefully away from a lot of harmful influences, including radiation.

Computers were just starting to make an appearance in some schools.

So we felt pretty safe in our isolated haven. Surrounded by farmland and state forest.

Fast forward to now…….

I feel naked without my mobile phone.

We have supplied microwave ovens for our Airbnb guests after lots of requests.

We always say the only good use for microwaves is as a country letterbox.
I challenge you to water your plants with microwaved water for a three month period to see what happens.

Now we have a laptop computer each, plus ipads and PCs for the business.

Where would we be without wifi whizzing around everywhere?

We can even pick up a couple of bars from the Forth vets wifi at least 300 meters away.

And now another frequency emitting gadget by our front door known as a smart meter.

Not to speak of all the stuff about the EMF with 5Gs.

With respect to EMFs, the presence of 5G in your neighbourhood is equivalent to turning on a microwave in your kitchen and keeping it’s door wide open.

Imagine the spontaneous radiations we’ll have to contend with when 5G towers and mini-stations are being installed throughout every city and neighbourhood, doesn’t it seem like we’re building a global microwave oven?

And don’t forget, these radiations are deadly. They can cause cancer just like microwaves do.

Sadly, the effects of 5G haven’t gone through major testing.

However, over 180 scientists from around the world have already screamed “Stop 5G. It could kill us.”

At the very least, 5G radiation in our neighbourhoods can cause depression, skin infection, hair loss, nausea, and even confusion. And it’s not going to stop there, 5G will eventually evolve into 10G and so on.

The blame isn’t entirely on these futuristic technology companies, our individual and collective quest for new features on our devices have brought us here as well.

HOW can we protect ourselves?

1. timeout from technology… go offline one day per week.

No, you don’t have to completely stop using it, but stop using your cell phone for long periods of time and try not to keep it in your bedroom at all.

As much as possible, keep your Smartphones and Tablets 5 to 10 feet away from you.

2. EMF protection.

I recently researched how to protect ourselves from the smart meters.

I bought some special copper cloth and we experimented by putting my mobile in between a couple of layers of this cloth and then tried to ring it.

Nothing but silence….. I retrieved my phone and there were no bars of reception showing.

It had totally blocked the radio waves!

There are probably plenty of other things out there on the market but I intend to wrap some around my smart meter.

Plus make a couple of pouches for our mobiles at night or if we don’t want the CIA to track us!!!

We may even experiment with sleeping between some layers of copper blanket!

3. Keep yourself informed. Remain positive, happy.

You can actually improve your vibration through positive thinking pattern, and keep focusing on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want.

4. Grow your own fresh food or eat organic wherever possible

5. Grounding/earthing………walk barefooted outside every day

Make a commitment to spend at least 3 hours in a nearby forest every other week.

Why? Because trees absorb our negative energies, connect us to nature, improve our immune systems and nourish our hearts and souls.

Interestingly, when you hug a tree and walk barefoot in the woods you’re in for a heavy boost in your health, mind, attitude, thoughts and intentions.

It’s good to connect with the earth as it nourishes our meridians and electromagnetic systems, which is powerful enough to protect and empower us.

The concept of Earthing is this:

The research indicates that Earthing transfers negatively charged free electrons into the body that are present in a continuously renewed supply on the surface of the Earth.

The existence of this unseen electron “reservoir” has been established by science.

Maintaining contact with the ground allows your body to naturally receive and become charged with these electrons.

When thus “grounded,” any electron deficiencies and free radical excesses in the body are corrected.

A natural electrical state is restored. Electrons are the “object of affection” of positively charged free radicals, the biochemical agents that cause oxidation in the body.

Electrons are the source of antioxidant power. This influx of electrons from the ground serves to potently neutralize or quench free radicals that would otherwise steal electrons from healthy tissue, resulting in tissue damage and the chronic inflammation that is at the core of many common and serious diseases.

6. Soak in the sunlight.

7. Bathe yourself in the vibration of love and the frequency of 528 mHz

Don’t rely on others for this!

Grada and I remind each other often to just say the words “I love myself unconditionally.”

Whenever we think something negative or of low frequency we just keep repeating “I love myself, I love myself unconditionally”

8. Treat yourself to a complete reset with an hour of energy healing on a regular basis.

It releases the negative energy blocks to allow the positives to stream through without interruptions.

Let us know if you have any helpful suggestions!

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Yours to great health and happiness! Pete