Whenever I pick up a book, I read the first few chapters and then speed-read the last one.

Only then will I commit to reading the bit in the middle.

Are you like that too?

Pete reckons I spoil the whole reading experience, but I disagree.

When I got hit by a truck I promised myself that I would write my life story. It took me 12 years to fulfil that promise.

But it was so worth it!

If you want to have a happy, fulfilling life you have to come to an understanding of your childhood traumas, so you can ‘move on’ and start living your own truth.

Like many of my clients, I thought I had ‘processed’ my inner child issues. That they had all been laundered, folded and neatly stacked in the memory bank of my subconscious mind…

Being hit and left for dead by a passing truck was a huge wake-up call that my inner reality wasn’t all neat and tidy as I had believed.

They say that you don’t judge a book by its cover. What if I told you that the first few chapters of your life will pretty well judge what sort of life you are going to have and how you are going to end up.

I was lucky that I had a near-death experience, which gave me a huge RESET into how I view my life.

As part of my recovery, I had to lie very still for 12 weeks. This gave me plenty of time to ruminate over the first few chapters of my life, as well as the last one offered by my near-death experience.

It shattered my old glasses (thank goodness) of religious dogma and disempowering beliefs that I had been taught and lived my life by for 43 years, growing up in a secretive Christian church.

I didn’t immediately see everything clearly though.

I needed a stint of mental illness first in 2008, forcing me to spend time in a psychiatric hospital.

This was followed by years of questioning my long-held beliefs, listening to clients, connecting the dots, attending dozens of workshops and spending hours going inward.

I became a trauma specialist.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the USA, to help raise awareness and create support to families and victims.

This is a subject that is so very close to my heart.

I wrote about it in my book: ‘You are the Miracle! How being hit by a truck saved my life‘ which you can buy here:

I have had the privilege of working with 1000’s and 1000’s of brave, smart and amazing women and men, helping them heal and overcome childhood trauma.

Let me be clear: 98% of my work is healing and transforming the effects of Child sexual abuse or other types of Childhood trauma.

Childhood trauma can come in many forms:

• Physical abuse which happens when anyone who has authority over you uses it to injure you physically.

• Physical neglect, when your caregiver fails to give you adequate food, warmth, clothing, or a place to live.

• Emotional abuse, which most often occurs in the form of threats, shaming, scapegoating, gaslighting or manipulation. We often don’t think of emotional manipulation as abuse but it is.

• Sexual abuse, which is one of the most damaging forms of abuse and sadly one of the most common when it comes to childhood trauma.

According to the National Centre for Victims of Crime, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys will be a victim of CSA in their lifetime.

It is my personal belief that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men has experienced CSA. I think these figures are much closer to the truth.

• Loss of a primary caregiver. Even when the loss is really early on in your life and you can’t remember it, the effects are far-reaching and makes you vulnerable in ways you can’t always realise.

• Emotional neglect, which means that your caregiver fails to give you the nurturing, love and attention you need to thrive.

• Natural disasters or war. These events are deeply scarring to the child.

You might be like me and think that your childhood has been pretty wonderful.

You only have good memories….

But have a look at this list..

• Depression
• Dissociation
• Anxiety
• Aggression
• Anger issues
• Shock
• Denial
• Confusion
• Muscle tension
• Relentless fatigue
• Sleep problems
• Mysterious aches and pains
• Procrastination
• Impulsiveness
• Poor memory
• Out of touch with yourself and others
• Poor behavioural control
• Trust issues
• Passive-aggressive behaviour
• Perpetual victimhood
• Promiscuity
• Low or no libido
• Trouble forming deep and meaningful connections
• No self-worth
• Chaotic lifestyle
• Lack of clarity
• Poor focus
• Overeating
• Other addictive behaviours
• Accident-prone, bad luck

These are some of the signs that raise the alarm bells that not everything was as rosy coloured as you remembered from your childhood.

Sexual, physical, spiritual and emotional childhood abuse inflict profound destruction on people’s soul.

Whatever you experienced in your childhood becomes your truth.

Negative conditioning and/or abuse perpetuates itself during your middle years because your childhood is the blueprint and foundation of your life.

You keep on attracting the same circumstances like the ones from your childhood, but most people don’t recognize this.

Even if you recognize that you are behaving like your dad or mum, or attracting similar bad luck or diseases or struggles, you still don’t know what to do about it.

Your childhood experiences cannot be underestimated!

It takes every ounce of your life force to heal the issues in your tissues and total commitment on your part to do everything possible to break the cycle and heal your life.

Here are 7 steps you can do to set you free from your past so you can live and be your truth:

1. Focus on finding solutions, ask the Universe for guidance and keep an open mind for answers that come. This is how you find your own truth and start trusting your intuition.

2. See things for what they really are. Start questioning everything, especially your own behaviours and motivations.

When you become self-aware, the fog starts to lift and you get new clarity around old issues.

If you really want to accept the past and how it has shaped your life, you have to start seeing things for what they are rather than what you wish they were.

For instance, you might need to accept that your dad was physically abusive or that your uncle did sexually manipulate you and that DAMAGE WAS DONE.

If you miss this step, you can’t heal and you stay stuck.

3. Distance yourself from toxic people in your life, even if these are your parents or close friends.


4. Find a trauma specialist. From my experience, it is impossible to heal from the trauma of your past alone.

Seek out an expert. Energy healing is one of the most potent ways to dissolve deeply buried traumas and to reconnect you to your TRUE CORE SELF.

Your energy is like a field of information. I can find answers and memories that you have long forgotten (from as early as your conception) and bring them up for healing. Many of my clients feel as if they have been given a new lease of life, like breathing life into their soul.

5. Clean up your diet and remove toxins from your body. Heavy metals and many toxic substances are neurotoxins and cause you to disconnect from your spirit or intuition.

Toxins can be neutralized during an energy healing session and I will give you advice on how to keep cleaning up your tissues.

6. Allow yourself to feel things as they come up. If you constantly shut off your negative emotions or feelings the pressure starts to build up inside your body and you are going to SNAP at the wrong time.

What you want to HEAL, you have to Feel.

Connect with and become present with any of your physical sensations. Tingling, tightness or pain are all messengers from your subconscious mind and offer valuable insights into the deeper parts of yourself.

7. Love your feelings, every single feeling, even the negative ones. Or especially the negative ones.

To feel is to be human and to be human is a gift.

Say “I love myself for feeling sad/angry/anxious/stingy/crabby/lousy/ugly”etc etc,

Do this with every emotion you feel, but especially with the hard ones.

Only when you learn to love every facet of yourself (including all your shadows, feelings and emotions) will you start to heal deeply.

Admitting the truth doesn’t cause suffering, it ends it.

Facing our truth is freeing.

Miracles will happen as you learn to love yourself, warts and all.

I am here to guide you or your loved one every step along the way, to help turn your personal pain into power and success.

To help you get inspiration to overcome your struggles or obstacles and to believe in yourself, read how I did it in my book: https://amzn.to/2UVCxnk 

Or Peter’s book: https://amzn.to/2xZp5pt 

Much love, Peter and Grada

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Wishing you a safe, connected and happy Easter!

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