Toxins are everywhere; we inhale them, we eat them, and our bodies manufacture them.

Giving your insides a good clean, leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated; and the good news is that it’s not hard.

Here are 4 easy ways to detox your entire body:

1. Invest in the Ultimate Vitality Boost package

The Ultimate Vitality Boost package supports the 4 pillars of health: your liver, gut, hormonal system, and kidneys.

ALL of our clients benefit from these 4 iconic supplements:

Beetflow, Omnizyme, Immunosynbiotic, and a key mineral solution that is needed by every cell of your body.

Clients often come back to buy the Ultimate Vitality Boost for their friends or family, because they feel so much better after only one week, and they want to share the happy news with their loved ones.

This combo helps your body eliminate toxins, heals and seals your intestines, gets rid of heavy metals, eliminates fluoride and chloride, and bromide from your body in a safe way.

Plus it will prime your liver and kidneys.

You can either do a gentle spring clean by taking the recommended dosage, spread out over the course of 2 months, or you can do a drastic detox, by doubling the dosage.

2. Liver Tone

Liver Tone which is a mixture of herbs to assist the liver breaking down toxins into harmless substances.

3. Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters is a great blood tonic.

The recipe has been around for 500 years, and it’s been a valuable elixir that’s proven itself over and over.

Back in the days, Dr. Claus Samst put it together and he lived till he was 104, when he fell off his horse and died.

If you feel toxic or suffer from irritation/ inflammation now is a good time to take Swedish Bitters.

4. Vital-all-in-one

The name says it all.

This green powder is packed with probiotics, proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and more, and will supercharge your tired old cells, without you having to grow your own organic vegetables.

These products fight off invaders and clean up debris while you are blissfully unaware of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Your liver is probably the most overworked organ in the body.

When it starts to crack up, we feel ill and it is easy to see why.

Your liver breaks down oestrogen, makes cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar levels steady, filters blood, manufactures about a litre of bile daily and neutralizes toxins.

It’s also our fat-burning organ and it is impossible to lose weight with a sluggish liver.

Doing a detox also benefits the gut.

When I use the word gut, I mean not just your intestines, I also mean your good bacteria or intestinal flora.

There are more bacteria in a healthy gut than there are cells in the entire body.

These bacteria can weigh as much as your liver, and sometimes more.

85% of your immune system depends on it.

While the liver takes the brunt of neutralizing toxins, the gut is responsible of at least 40%!

Without the help of the gut, the liver has to work twice as hard.

The gut is the secret place where life is preserved.

Now, if you love history as much as I do, here is the fascinating story of Swedish Bitters.

I love it when history becomes alive in my own household.

The history of Swedish Bitters

The Swedish Bitters’ formula has existed for hundreds of years, in many different forms and with a variety of names and can be found in pharmacy books dating back to the Middle Ages.

The recipe disappeared a few years after Paracelsus’ death and stayed lost for several hundred years, probably existing in the diaries and medicinal recipes of the learned.

In the 18th Century, Swedish physician Dr Claus Samst rediscovered the formula through a family tradition, he recorded it and it is still the Swedish Bitters that we know today.

The Swedish doctor also compiled a manuscript describing the 43 conditions for which Swedish Bitters can bring relief.

Dr Samst himself lived to be 104 and finally succumbed, not to the ravages of old age, but because of a fall while out riding!

After his death, the formula seemed to disappear until 250 years later, when what we believe to be Dr Samst’s manuscript, was rediscovered and given to Maria Treben, an Austrian woman recovering from typhoid fever.

Maria was also given a small brown bottle of the elixir, which she promptly put to the back of her medicine cabinet until some time later.

In desperation one day, when she had still not recovered from the complications of typhoid fever and was overcome with nausea, Maria applied a compress of the potion to her stomach.

‘A wonderful warm feeling spread through my body,’ she recalled, ‘and suddenly, it felt as if with one movement of the hand, everything morbid in my body was pulled out.’

And that was after wearing only one simple compress!

Maria recovered fully from typhoid fever and because of her experience with Swedish Bitters, dedicated her life to herbal medicine.

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