Monthly Archives: March 2019

Invitation to surge towards success!

Surge to Success Weekend Hi! Pete (from the Purple House) here with a very special and exciting invitation for you. Have you heard of our Surge to Success weekend? In case you haven’t, I would like to invite you check it out by clicking on this link. http://bit.ly/yourSurgeToSuccess Grada created this event specifically for new generation […]

What could be lurking behind your chocolate addiction?

Magnesium the miracle supplement. Do you crave Chocolates? Can’t resist eating the whole bar of chocolate after the first nibble? You might be unwittingly self-medicating your magnesium deficiency. Signs of magnesium deficiency are everywhere once you know what to look for! This post might help you recognize signs of classic magnesium deficiency in yourself or […]

Understanding cancer – ways to improve your chances

Every person is unique and every disease pattern is different. Cancer and autoimmune disorders now affect millions of people. Diseases are often addressed by one-size-fits-all powerful immune suppressant medications which do not remove the cause. They treat the smoke, not the fire. Improving your odds of staying healthy or regaining your health requires a different […]

This is not Reiki. This is not kinergetics or kinesiology. This is not a fluffy feel good workshop.

I am a great believer in feeling your feelings.  My early life was an ideal training ground for a budding intuitive therapist. My mother was very warm and loving, but she struggled with pain and depression. Even as a child I wanted to become the worlds best healer, so I could alleviate her pain. She […]