Monthly Archives: February 2019

Why am I always tired?

“I would love to have more energy, I am always tired!” Helen, my client exclaims. “And I can’t seem to think properly these days. My brain is too foggy”, she says with a sigh. “Plus, I am trying really hard to lose weight. I just can’t shift those kilos, no matter how hard I work […]

Deuterium depletion – Exceptional health hack almost no one has heard of!

I am really excited to share this with you! Grada says she hasn’t seen me this motivated or enthusiastic for a long time and I’d have to agree with her. I hope I can purvey this information to you as this is such an exceptional health hack and almost no one has heard of it! […]

Are you unwittingly killing yourself?

Stomach acid drugs can be dangerous for your kidneys, I read this in today’s health articles. Fifty years of data revealed that people taking PPI’s or Proton Pump Inhibitors to reduce stomach acidity, increased their risk of chronic kidney disease by nearly one third and kidney failure by a whopping 96%! If you are on PPI’s […]

Why would you join Grada’s Heal your Life Mastery training?

After suffering a near fatal accident when a truck collided with my body in 2006, I went from feeling on top of the world, successful, and virtually indestructible, to feeling completely broken. I was completely broken. I was as broken as you can get without dying. All the helplessness that I had experienced during my […]

Undo mercury poisoning before it undoes you

The lady had driven for three hours to come for a consultation at the Purple House. Her sister in law had to accompany her because she was very unsteady. She hobbled into my room and collapsed onto the massage bed. I spent the next five minutes getting her comfortable. This was easier said than done because she hadn’t […]

Turn your Health Obstacles into Triumph

At the Purple House we work with clients to turn their obstacles into triumphs! Every day presents a different scenario and these are some of the health challenges we regularly come across:   Don’t just take our word for it! Read a selection of testimonials from clients who’ve turned their obstacles into triumph: We’ve omitted names […]