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End the Blaming, Fighting and Criticism in your relationship once and for all!

Do you recognize any of these destructive cycles in your relationship? You are often bickering about the same topic, over and over again (about the kids, money, chores, sex, in-laws etc) You often feel unappreciated, disconnected and alone Your relationship goes from one never ending cycle of frustration and hopelessness to the next. No matter […]

Unlock your true potential!

Do you want to become an energy healer? Have you sometimes been curious what it’s all about? Picture this: It’s late afternoon I am with my last client “Carla”. I am listening to her words with one ear and hearing her body’s story with the other. “I look after my children, run a business from […]

Is magnesium deficiency killing your love life?

“Danger lurks…..and sudden death can be just around the corner….. (I am riveted to this article in the local newspaper which I will quote here for you) drama can unfold….without care and attention, this present danger leads to lasting consequences… it is a crunch time issue…. The first symptom is often death, which can be […]

Dissect your pooh for signs of happiness and to measure your IQ!

Basically our human bodies are nothing more than a glorified tube. We pour food in one end, waste material comes out the other end, and lots of stuff happens in between. We know that around our inner tube or our gastro-intestinal tract, a whole lot of organs are suspended, like our liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and so on […]

In today’s world our children are sicker than they have ever been in recorded history.

sick children

When our gut becomes compromised we sometimes lose the ability to function as peace loving human beings. My young client was a perfect example of this. He was only seven but argued all the time. His mum couldn’t leave him alone in the house with his siblings for even five minutes. At school he spent […]