Monthly Archives: November 2018

How the Purple House can help you gain clarity! Client review:

Why choose The Purple House? With our help, clients have completely transformed their lives from gaining clarity, uncovering and dealing with deep seated emotions and trauma to saying goodbye to pain permanently! I had the privilege to attend a weekend workshop hosted by Grada recently. For years I’ve been on a journey to heal myself, […]

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, pain, low energy?

Are you looking for something other than drugs or medication? Perhaps you are right! The answer could be that your body is totally dehydrated. The role of water in our body When scientists seek for signs of life on other planets they search for water first. Why? Because all life depends on water and about […]

Your pain, self doubt and suffering are a direct result of trauma in your DNA

History lives in our DNA Wayne returned for his monthly appointment today. He is your regular type of guy. Works in an office. Lives with his wife of 30 years. With the kid grown up and living on the mainland, he is now nearing retirement. You get it. Life could be better, more exciting, fulfilled […]

How do you deal with grief?

How do you deal with grief? Life didn’t come with a manual and a sudden loss of a loved one can completely shake us up. Our whole world turns upside down. We can’t cope with the amount of pain we feel in our hearts. We often spiral into a dark hole, so deep that we […]