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Follow the stars, uncover your private source of energy!

I am taking Freddie outside for his last pee before bed. It’s one of those crystal clear nights. The stars and milky way are so brilliant, it almost takes my breath away. There’s the southern cross. Apparently, from where I’m standing, if I measure two and a half lengths of the cross from the bottom, […]

Let Michelle help you create deep change within your life!

How long have you been in pain for? When was the last time you had a massage? Are you a busy mum and suffer from overwhelm? Do you work on your fitness yet always have tight or sore muscles? Is your body getting more and more tense and inflexible? What about that headache, is it becoming chronic? Then it is time for a massage.


Article by Dr. Hulda Clark (This is the recipe we talked about during Thursday’s facebook live, recipe at bottom of article) The liver has over 500 functions in the body, four important ones are: a) metabolizing toxins; b) metabolizing oestrogen; c) metabolizing fats; and d) converting T4 (thyroxine hormone) from the thyroid into the five times […]