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Learn to heal your family with this amazing technique

Returning to The Purple House! Learn Reflexology with Grada Robertson. Reduce anxiety and stress  Increase focus and clarity  Dissolve aches and pains  Relax sore and tired muscles  Create an incredible sense of wellbeing  Rebalance the hormones  Stimulate your metabolism.  Boost your immune system.  Use essential oils correctly  Reflexology master, Grada Robertson, will guide beginners as […]

Is this what’s missing in your life?

Meet our therapist Michelle! “I never want to leave here” I am thinking as the treatment room slowly comes into focus. Michelle has quietly left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I can’t believe my good fortune of starting a chilly winter morning with a healing session with Michelle. I am lucky, because […]

Stop hitting that snooze button!

Last chance to join for Surge to Success for Women. http://bit.ly/surgesuccess So you have had a few aha moments.. Perhaps you have even experienced a huge wakeup call… But somewhere along the line you hit the snooze button and went back to ‘unconsciousness’ That’s exactly what I did. The greatest gift that came to me […]