Some of us have been wildly successful.

Others have had a grief year.

Perhaps you find that you haven’t moved forward or backwards, you simply went sideways.

Where ever you find yourself today I want to share a powerful message with you that will help you in 2019 if you take it to heart.

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and begin to trust in the natural order of things.

It is more natural to be healthy than to be sick.

It is more natural to be loving than to be hostile. It is more natural to BE LOVE than to be anything else.

It is more natural to BE KNOWING than to be ignorant.

It is more natural to be in the right place at the right time, than to be ‘missing out.’

Sometimes we are in so much pain, that we forget who we truly are, that we are a mind/body/spirit instrument and like any instrument, we get out of tune. We aren’t flawed, hopeless, helpless or corrupted.

We are pure love, and there is nothing in the universe that love cannot heal, or that love doesn’t have an answer for. Even better, this love is immortal and remains active even after we leave our body. I experienced how powerful this was when I had a NDE 13 years ago, when I had the wonderful opportunity to experience ‘the other side’.

Grada and her dog Freddy
Ps: Personal message from Freddy (in a doggy voice): ‘There is no such thing as problems, only love” Whoof!

My computer did a massive REBOOT, and my nervous system received a complete overhaul when I was lying on the road, stripped of everything I had held dear and facing the naked truth. Shocking as it was, I understood that I am perfect the way I am, and nothing about me has to be changed.

This gave me the energy to come back and heal my body from life threatening injury and paralysis. It was during those darkest, most painful moments of my life that I realised that I HAD TO GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY constantly and learn to surrender to the natural order of things, otherwise I would die.

Every day I need GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY. Most of the time, this means: let it go! Stop worrying.
Nothing is out of order. I may not know what do to, but my body knows what to do to create perfect health.

I may not know how to solve a painful relationship, but there is a deeper force inside me that knows.

All my adult life I focussed on creating. Creating happy memories for the kids, creating a farm, creating money to pay the bills, creating a career, a business, another business, creating relationships and now I know that if I HAD BEEN MORE OPEN TO RECEIVE I could still have had it all, but without the massive overexertion on my part, because creating without a sense of surrender, creating without the ability to be open to gifts, is like traveling from Devonport to Hobart with the handbrake on all the way.


1) Your life will always be a push if you are too focussed on creating
2) There is a POWER with you right now (and always) and when you are ready to RECEIVE, you will receive all the good things you have ever dreamt of. GO ON, TRY IT!

From my heart to yours! Grada