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Kinergetics workshops in Forth

Kinesiology originated in the early 1960’s with an American Chiropractor who discovered that we could hack into our body/computer and restore balance by using muscle testing. Today there are many branches of kinesiology and one of the fastest, most effective forms is Kinergetics, developed by Philip Rafferty in the early nineties. It is painless, fast, […]

Solving your mystery problems


I wonder if the word ‘mystery’ is short for ‘missing-story’. We humans only see and process one billionth of reality. I have discovered that when our version of reality doesn’t match the other version hidden in the tissues of our body, suffering ensues. That is when clients come to us. We are always looking for the part of the story that is ‘missing’. It could be the tiniest part or it might be a huge epiphany but when we find the key that fits into the lock, the mystery is solved and health, happiness and order are restored.

BNT and Kinergetics for healing & transformation

Kinergetics is a fast, simple and effective way of releasing pain, stress, trauma and sensitivities. Kinergetics energises muscles, organs, glands and chakras and is one of the most powerful forms of energy medicine available to us today. Kinergetics was founded by Philip Rafferty in July 1991 after realising he could correct circuits with just ONE CORRECTION PROCESS using healing energy.