Monthly Archives: November 2016

Raw and Healthy Christmas Cakes and Dessert class

Raw Cake and Dessert class Next Friday the 2nd of December @ Alchemy Cafe 6.30 – 9.30 pm  $110 per person which includes an awesome recipe book  With Lisanne Robertson phone 64283007 to reserve your spot Using only healthy and RAW INGREDIENTS YOU WILL MAKE THE MOST SCRUMPTIOUS CHRISTMAS DESSERTS. You would normally have to fly […]

Get cultured on the 3rd of December

Learn the art of safe food fermenting. Discover the benefits of probiotic foods for life and vitality. Join Caleb for a fun, hands on workshop as he shares his love of fermentation. He will be talking cultures, wild fermentation and sharing and array of nutritious live foods including: Kefir Sauerkrauts Fermented veggies Kombucha Mead Sourdough Kimchi […]

DIY toxin free skin care workshop with Filipa Bellett

Who’s excited about Christmas? I am! To get into the spirit of things, I thought I’d share a fun spicy Christmas recipe, as well as give you some ideas for thoughtful (and healthful!) Christmas present ideas. I’m also running my last two DIY Toxin-Free workshops for the year, so if you haven’t had a chance to come along […]

Prostate cancer: the silent epidemic

Prostate Cancer Basic Symptoms Many men with prostate cancer have no symptoms related to their cancer. For those that do have symptoms, they could include any of the following: ·       Urinary problems – weak urine stream, difficulty initiating urination, stopping and starting during urination; ·       urinating frequently, especially at night, pain or burning with urination. […]