Monthly Archives: August 2016

Cutting edge food fermentation class

Saturday 3rd September  9.30- 12.30 643 Forth Rd Forth $110 per person Phone 64283007 to reserve your spot. Includes morning tea, a recipe book and your own freshly made jar of sauerkraut. Learn how to make your own: sauerkraut kimchi kefir kombucha kvass mead butter   Discover the reason why our ancestors thrived on these foods […]

Happiness, health and strength are only a breath away.

All day long I dread the 2 minute ice-bath that’s looming over us. For better or for worse, it’s going to happen at 5 o’clock this afternoon. Peter and I are participating in a 5 day boot camp with 26  times world record holder Wim “Iceman” Hof in Angahook Victoria. He has been preparing us […]